Saturday, May 29, 2010


Created on 2010-05-27
Tetsuhari leads out in Skateboard Street Qualifier

Japan's Tetsuharu Sai was the best qualifier in the 2010 X Games Asia Skateboard Street qualifier.
He hit a final score of 83.33 to lead five other skaters into the Finals which will be held on Friday 28 May 2010 at 1400HKT.
Brazil's Tulio Oliveira, Chinese Taipei's Lu Hung Chen, Korea's Lee Ji Hun and Malaysia duo, Kieron Brodie and Padin Musa also went through.
This year's qualifier saw 20 skaters from 12 countries taking to the course.
Skateboard Street QualifierTetsuharu Sai (JPN) - 83.33
Tuilio Oliveira (BRA) - 82.33
Padin Musa (MAS) - 79.67
Kieron Brodie (MAS) - 77.67
Lu Hung Chen (TPE) - 77.00
Lee Ji Hun (KOR) - 76.67

Created on 2010-05-27
Andy Mac: It’s one of my favourites

One of X Games' most decorated action sports star, Andy Macdonald is back in Shanghai, China. A city which houses one of his favourite skateparks.
The SMP Skate Park has always been one of Macdonald's favourite spots to skate, and he wasted little time the moment he arrived in Shanghai as the veteran skater headed straight to the SMP to get started.
"I've won the Asian X Games every year for the past three times it's been held in Shanghai. Before that, I'd never been to China. Being in a new city, I try to capture some of the excitement of the people that are seeing my sport for the first time. It also helps that I'm always looking forward to riding the SMP skatepark while I'm in Shanghai. It's one of my favorites." said the man who has a massive following in Shanghai.
"I love seeing Shanghai grow every year when I visit. The whole town seems so alive and always changing and progressing by the minute. It seems that China, and Shanghai in particular are in the middle of a social revolution and transformation and you can feel it when you spend time there."

A year on from the 2009 Asian X, Macdonald has gone on to boost his X Games medal haul with a silver in Vert and a bronze in Park at last season's Summer X, to bring his total to 17 medals, with only Dave Mirra ahead of him on 21.
The man who has dominated the vert ramp for three years running, starting from 2007, is back in town for another assault on the title, but is refusing to take anything for granted.
He said: "I try to just take each event as it comes and concentrate on my skating. I will say that the X Games has more media hype around it than any other event, so there is usually a lot more going on trying to keep up with all the media and PR."
The San Diego native went on to heap praise on the Asian X event which has seen significant growth every year.
"Seems to me that the crowd doubles every year. The event is better run, the ramps are better and the field of athletes keeps improving as well. It's kind of right on point with what's happening all over the rest of the city. It just keeps getting bigger and better." according to the man himself.
As for the Mini-mega contest that will be held at the Jiangwan Sports Center for the first time, Andy reckons the fans will love it, "I did the first big jump in 1999 and it's always awesome to see this new discipline in our sport keep expanding. I always have a lot of fun with the straight jump and I think it will be something exciting and new for people to watch as well."
Finally, can a skater like Andy Mac who has won it all have a chink in his armour?
"It has taken me about ten years to get my 720's down to where I should be able to make it if I have to. Consistency is an elusive thing in our sport. Some days you're on and some you're not." Andy revealed.
So for the local fans in Shanghai who are itching to catch Andy Mac and his fellow contestants in the Skateboard Vert and Mini-mega contests, hurry down to the Jiangwan Sports Center where some of the best action sports athletes will be throwing up some big airs.
Skateboard Vert Final - Sunday 30 May 2010 1230HKT
Skateboard Mini-Mega Final - Saturday 29 May 2010 1345HKT