Saturday, March 20, 2010


t10rappers_marqueeWords by Dan Watson
No matter how much someone loves skating, you can’t skate 24 hours a day. Some literally spend days at a time playing video games online with their buddies, some go the opposite direction and spend their free time chasing down pro-friendly ladies, while others wash away their time with countless adult beverages. However, some skaters choose to use their time more wisely and get involved with making music, and with the influence rap has had on skateboarding over the years, it’s no surprise that many skaters have taken up rhyming as a pastime, some with better results that the others. For better or for worse, here are ten of the most well-known skaters to try their hand at it.

Silver Trucks has its own covey of the Tampa Pro up. Check Paul, Nyjah, and Chaz in this video. Check all of our coverage here.

Wes Kremer and Shuriken Shannon went on a Vegas trip recently. Check the recap with voice mail from Wes.

“I have put all my camera gear from the last 16+ years for sale on Ebay. There is a ton of stuff. I am trying to get the word out, and I wanted to see if you could possibly spread the word by posting a link on your websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc, or forward the link on to anyone that might be interested.”

This is a hot trend—take your favorite pro’s latest video part and play it our yourself in EA Skate. Joey Brezinski was emailed this video from a super fan.

In February, 2 photo exhibitions were held to help raise money for the Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation. Boards were also signed by the Girl team after their two demos in Sydney on February 21st and in Melbourne on Feb 25th, as part of their epic Oz Adventure.
It was a hot night in Sydney and even hotter in the China Heights gallery. The Girl guys made it to the Melbourne show after a ball tearing demo at the Riverside skatepark. Big thanks to everyone who came to check it out, and   special thanks to Hardcore Australia for the generous support of the show. As of this posting the tally for the CLCRF is at approximately $15,000 and counting.
Anyone interested in buying a print and helping to support this worthy cause, please go onto and email me.

From the article in our February 2010 issue, here’s John Cardiel commenting on his Sight Unseen video part. Find out the story behind Gonz’ intro, the slams, the skateparks, and the Union Square gold rail.
For more TransWorld video parts and interviews from our list of 10 Skaters Who Changed The Decade, click HERE.

Are you looking for exposure? Are you looking to get hooked up with free product? Would you like your footage to be viewed by the Crailtap crew? Well then check out Val Surf’s Online Skate Video Contest, Free For All.
Crailtap is giving away a package with products from Girl Skateboards, Chocolate Skateboards, 4Star Clothing, Royal Trucks, and Lakai Footwear to the winner of our Online Skate Video Contest Free For All! All Crailtap wants from you is your video, 3 minutes or less, that showcases you best moves.
Get more info here.

Nate Sherwood sent us a note to let us know he’s on new clothing endeavor Deep End and is welcoming Eric Ricks to the team. Check the video below featuring new footage of Eric. And if you don’t know who Eric Ricks is, do as The Nate-O says—Google him.

Thunder’s 3rd Strike Catalog is Now Live with  the new Thunder Titanium lights and new Pro trucks from Chris Cole, Dennis Busenitz and Billy Marks. Plus Thunder video Billy Marks Knows backside flips.

Check these videos showing Levi Brown, Dallas Rockvan, Nick Garcia and more skateboarding barefoot.
These were filmed in support of TOMS Shoes’ upcoming One Day Without Shoes on April 8th in which it asks everyone worldwide to go barefoot for the day, part of the day, or even just a few minutes to experience what millions of children endure regularly.

Peep the TumYeto weekend pocket cam and get ready for a shreddy weekend of your own! Dan Murphy, Leo Romero, and more.