Friday, October 24, 2008


There's nothing that makes more sense than competition and art. Just kidding. They're like oil and water, really. But, it looks like pure fun over at Globe. Creativity is at an all-time high. The dangling pole jam is a pretty sweet idea, but what does in mean? Is there some subconscious message? Trip out on the colors and the patterns, contemplate what art is. Reap the rewards of Duchamp's deconstruction of contemporary art and stare at a urinal. Or, look at Globe's entry to Skate & Create—Josh Brooks

To all skate nerdity, here's a reminder—whether you knew or not—that there is a comprehensive site devoted to all things skate video if you happen to want to know obscure trivia, like the name of that one song that Daxter Lussier skated to in Troubleshooters. You can even rate Lance Mountain's intros in each 411 VM. Skim The Fat is most definitely a gem of skate history reference.—Josh Brooks

First off, let’s give respect where respect is due - skateboarding with all the creative forces involved gave birth to our booming industry. Now, many of us who love skateboarding sneakers and all the spheres of culture they influence are just too young to understand their history, but now thanks to every sneaker addicts favorite magazine, Sneaker Freaker, we can get some factual knowledge (19 pages worth to be exact) from legendary skateboarders, film makers, photographers and others that grew up with this once niche and rejected culture. Stacey Peralta, Bruce Walker, and Steve Alba are just some of the epic names that contribute to the article, Barefoot and Bitumen: The History of Skate Sneakers, 1960-85.


Today Plan B Skateboards went live with their newly revamped website. And with the launch of this crispy clean site of the infamous board brand, came the sudden announcement of the official Plan B Wheels roster. Any guesses as to who's on? Yep...the entire Plan-B Skateboards team, silly! That's right, Paul Rodriguez, PJ Ladd, Jereme Rogers, Ryan Sheckler, Ryan Gallant, Brian Wenning, Danny Way, Colin McKay, Pat Duffy and the companies only am, Ryan Decenzo will all be rolling, exclusively atop Plan B urethane. If that's not keeping it real, my friends, then I'm afraid I don't know exactly what this phrase means.

Now if Danny Way's signature wheel becomes available in sizes mirroring his massive cajones, then Mr. Way's rollers will drop as 95MM's, for sure. Watch below for the proof in this maniacs pudding. If "Baker Has A Deathwish" then D. Way should be on suicide watch. —Jay Riggio

DC Footwear

The Aaron Rose Mid DC Artist Project Collabo
When the session has come to a close and it's time to kick your style-code up a notch, sometimes it just feels right to put on a pair of shoes that's devoid of the foot stank your hard skating has produced. Sure you can put on your "Chiller" pair of skate kicks, the ones reserved for dinners with your special lady or your little brothers dance recitals. However, you're still rocking skate sneakers. And as your Momma and Poppa have taught you well, sneakers aren't always nice for special occasions. DC has recently come hella correct with their release of the Aaron Rose Artist Project Collaboration. Now if you don't know who the hell Aaron Rose is, you need to click here and educate yourself. Ok, back to the goods. Now available in a Mid-top, this kick looks like a stylish desert boot but fits and feels like a g'damned sneaker. According to word around the campfire, this sonabitch was inspired by Rose's interest in Mod Culture, which he became hyped on in his early teens. Both mid and lowtops will be available in classic black and wheat colorways and come packaged in a custom shoe bag, along with a mini 'zine and an exclusive Rose designed box. To further push Rose's Mod mentality, DC has added a signature military style parka to this collaboration/collection. Can you say, cozy? I can. And if you don't believe me about all this special DC and Rose collabo stuff and think I'm some kind of liar, slinging all sorts of poo poo nuggets at you, then you need to check yourself, cause I'm not. Still don't believe, then go to this DC/Aaron Rose mini-site for all the proof you need. Then, promise me that you will never doubt my wonderful words again.

Dekline Footwear

Chris Pastras & Jason Lee Rider Choice Dekline's Get Dropped
In other shoe news, Dekline Footwear will be releasing limited pairs of their Rider's Choice sneakers from Jason Lee and Chris Pastras in select shops. Both colorways from teammates and legendary pros, J. Lee and C. Pastras are available in 40 specially chosen shops around the US of A.

And if you're not busy this Sunday, October 26th and happen to be lurking in and around the fine borough of Brooklyn, be sure to swing by KCDC Skateshop in Williamsburg. They'll be an instore premiere of Stereo's The Agency Field Report at 3pm, alongside giveaways and appearances by Danny Supa, Clint Peterson and the man himself, Chris Pastas. And in case you didn't know, KCDC one of the chosen few to stock these limited Dekline colorways. Buy yourself a few pairs before they're all gone.—Jay Riggio

There are few skate artists who stay more underground than young Putrid, but it appears some people are trudging the nether regions of his part metal, part skate scrawling and lumping him into a new generation of death metal inspired influences for the new generation. If you bridge that gap between bloody horror and skate, you'll be happy to hear he's featured in two new books—one called "Hellbound"by Francesca Gavin and another called "Logos from Hell" by Mark Riddick.