Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Peep this surprise drop from Emerica. Designed by Andrew Reynolds and dubbed the Nailer, this shoe comes in black patent leather with an array of stitch detailing along with a clean white sole–one of the finest sneakers we’ve seen this season. The Emerica logo is neatly stitched on both the inside/outside of each shoe and printed in green on the lining. These kicks are also available in white suede with gold detailing. See detailed images of each shoe below and order direct through Active. $65 ain’t bad for some black patent leathers.

While most brands/artists/shops are milking the whole PEACE/LOVE thing, NYC artist Ruslan Karablin aka SSUR actually lives with his eyes open and sees that Armageddon is inevitable. So he teamed up with DC Shoes to hook up these war torn kicks, which feature unique camouflage prints from around the globe to represent war between the first, second and third worlds. If the world is still around, look for these to hit shops December 1st, until then…repent. $140

With an unofficial tag name “Soda Cup”, here we have an upcoming Nike SB Dunk Hi. Like the tag name, the outside of the shoe has colors resemblant of a Coca-Cola cup–red/white–and the inside color is brown, perhaps resembling soda. Expect a release for Spring ‘09.

A little over a month ago, HUF dropped the first installment of their Fall ‘08 Collection. Among many other hats, HUF is known for their go-to classic Tonal H New Eras. Now for all of you east coast/mid-west’ers, you can purchase these fine fitteds directly through HUF’s Online Store. Choose from cardinal red, black, white, gray and camouflage. $50

We just saw the Armageddon-ready DC x SSUR Sneaker this morning, now we have a new colorway of the same shoe. Unlike the first, this DC x SSUR shoe features a range of natural solid colors–brown, green, beige–and a bit of orange to accent the ultra air cushioned heel and lining. We also have detailed images of the shoe which reveal the iconic “SSUR” tag embroidered on the back. View the photos below and stay tuned for more info.

RVCA and the Aloha Army have teamed up to bring you a limited edition t-shirt featuring the artwork of George Thompson. Thompson, aka EWOK, is a talented multimedia artist from California and a member of RVCA’s Artist Network Program (ANP). Thompson incorporated the Hawaiian Islands, No. 50 and ‘Aloha’ in the design of the RVCA X Aloha Army T-Shirt. Only 150 of these shirts are being made and will only be available at Aloha Army.

With a pro team made up of 21st century skate legends Josh Kalis, Arto Saari, Anthony Van Engelen, Heath Kirchart, Steve Berra, Rob Dyrdek, Mike Taylor, Omar Salazar, Dylan Reider, and Jason Dill along with ams Tyler Bledsoe, Grant Taylor, and newbie Jake Johnson, it’s no wonder we’re flabbergasted over the upcoming Alien Workshop video Mind Field, one of the most anticipated skate videos since the dawn of the new millennium. Although we were just learning to tie our shoes for Alien’s first two vids Memory Screen (1991)and Time Code (1997) (yes, it took us a while to get the knot right), we grew up watching Alien’s third video Photosynthesis (2000), which is regarded as one of the greatest skate videos of all time (opinions may vary).

Now, apart from an official DVD image pictured above, we have an official release date. Mind Field will be available through the Skate Park of Tampa’s Online Store February 2nd, 2009. We’re not sure if SPOT gets first dibs or exactly what the deal is, but it’s the first official news we’ve heard about the release thus far. If you haven’t seen the trailers yet, click “Read more” to get a taste of the skate madness to come….

If Diamond Supply Co. looks this good lying on a grimy bathroom floor, just imagine how it’d look around ya waist. Pictured above are the new Fall ‘08 Belts that just hit Reed Space. Peep the other goods below and swing by the Space to pick up.

Last week, we were the first to give you word on Nike SB November Sneakers, now we have the apparel. Letting freedom ring, most of the goods, including fitteds, tees, and hoods, are decked out in the good ol’ Red, White, and Blue. Also in the mix is a beefed up duffel bag. View the lineup below and stay tuned as we’ll keep you posted when this gear hits retailers.

We present to you this re-released Nike SB Dunk Low in a brown/tan color-up. Lately, Nike’s been toning down their shoes in a good way, as seen by the Nike SB November ‘08 Releases we showed you last week, and these sweet suede kicks will suffice the pickiest Dunk fiends.

Skate posterchild of bowls and brews, Tony Trujillo’s Vans pro model, the TNT Mid II, arrives in three new colorways for the cooler months. Choose from blue/orange, black/purple, and Green Bay Packers green/yellow. Expect these to hit Vans accounts in a couple weeks. $65

While we’re waiting for word when the Airwalk “Jim” Shoes will drop, we came across these Airwalk Canvas Hi’s that feature Airwalk’s custom Skull Ollie Vuitton print–a high-end rippin’ chocolate/gold pattern that features skulls & crossbones mixed with Airwalk’s logo. Is Airwalk the next comeback brand to make it big in our industry? Visit Airwalk to view the other kicks that this reemerging skate label designed and hit up a select retailer to purchase.