Wednesday, November 5, 2008


In the past couple of years, New York transplant, Billy Rohan has done more for the NYC scene then most could imagine. He's secured a school yard designated for street skating, offering a new obstacle almost every week, runs a series of after school skate programs, plotted and hosted three breakthrough skate contents across the city and is now the only skateboarding teacher in New York's high school curriculum. This past Sunday, the New York Times ran a story about the skateboard class Billy teaches for 9th and 10th graders of the East Side Community High School. Check out the full article here. And in case you didn't figure it out, that's Rohan beneath that ninja suit. Don't you wish your High School teacher skated this good?


Perhaps you want to know more about who this is. Perhaps I (and Static III) can help you.
I came across this Dekline advertisement in a magazine and I wondered who the hell Soy Panday was and where he came from. Turns out he grew up French, with Indian blood, and his name could have any combination of the following etymologies: Soy—1) As in, short for Sawyer, 2) The name of a bean used in soy sauce or, perhaps, 3) the Spanish verb meaning "I am." The latter makes more sense, when you take into account that Panday derives from the Indian surname Pandey, meaning "learned man" or "scholar." If those are the origins of his name, his full name means "I am a learned man." Pretty sick name for your parents give you.

Apparently more important to this particular skateboard site, Soy Panday is also ripping and reminiscent of the worldly cruising made largely famous by Kenny Reed (a friend of his). He rides for Britain's Landscape skateboards. Ironically enough, many of these skaters who seem born out of the hippy movement that espouses a dislike of globalization have reaped so many rewards from skateboard coverage on a global scale. Rad and weird how these things flip and spin upon their head. However he got noticed, he's entertaining to watch skate in Static III. Take a look.

Skater of the Year

Would race or gender be as central to a SOTY vote? Maybe, but not as much. A good skater is a good skater.


Atlas skate shop is down for Obama.

Change Atlas can believe in.

Atlas Skateboard Store are throwing their influence and weight behind Obama. The shop made some very limited-edition decks endorsing the candidate with all proceeds from those sales going towards his campaign.

And don't forget about Lakai who made some limited election series kicks so you can do your civic duty while still looking Flossy.

Get out there and vote. Do it today before you go skate. And, though you might like to, remember Koston for President might not be the best choice (he still needs to learn hardflips before he can run my country).


While the rest of the world nursed Halloween hangovers from the previous nights debauchery, shuffling home amidst their costumed "walks of shame," skateboarders from and around New York City downed their coffees, killed a bagel and dealt with their pain g'damned warriors, that is. Tony Memento

Jahmal Williams Unleashes A Frontside Bluntslide Transfer Shortly Before The Crowd Piles In
It was the day after Halloween and the start of November. And for those, 'in the know,' the day of the first ever Halloween Hellraiser Skateboard Showdown. It was an amazing day for skating in Lower Manhattan, with picture perfect weather. But on this day, most of the rawness would go down 5 stories about street level, on the Open Road Rooftop, aka, the top floor the New Design High School. Getting to the roof was gnarly. The seemingly endless sets of stairs were a bitch on ones thighs, especially if those thighs were atrophied like mine had apparently become. However, once to the top, you were set (and trapped, because nobody wanted to trek up those goddamned steps twice). There, before us all, was a vast sovereign portion of society commanded by nothing but skateboarding. Skaters, many in costume pushed around joyously, warming up on all of the freshly fixed obstacles so that they may get a shot at a bit of the $3 G's in cash up for grabs. A barbecue blazed with hotdogs and hamburgers, Redbull's were being handed out by sexually attractive women and the DJ booth pumped out hip hop.

The format was simple. There would be three jam style sessions on three seperate obstacles. You ride away from something good, you get a stack of cash from announcers Billy Rohan and Alex Corporan.

Tony Memento

These Two Killed It All Day...Manny Santiago & Brett Conti
Off the bat, pandemonium hit. The first obstacle was a kicker that went over a long funbox. A bunch of people were referring to this one as the "Gino Box" for obvious reasons. Hungry for the cash and a chance to land their trick, dudes were straight hucking themselves off that thing, one after another, literally landing on top of each other. The carnage I witnessed closely resembled the opening scene in Saving Private Ryan. But soon, the moderators took control and allowed a bit of room for some actual skating to happen. Manny Santiago 360 pop shoved the thing, Black Dave kickflip back lipped the ledge portion of the box, some kid on 5boro did a buttery frontside pop shuvit over it, another kid blasted a large backside 360 and just as time was called, Nick Sassa rolled away from a giant nollie bigspin.

Tony Memento

Ralph Murphy Of Substance Skateboards, Rocks The Acapulco Wall
The Red Bull Jersey Barrier was definitely not easy to skate. It was super quick and if you're weren't careful, you'd be sent looping out, flailing for you life. Nick Sassa skated the thing like it was a spine ramp in the low-impact kiddy section of the park. Blunt fakies, ollie transfers etc. Little Sean Wallace was nailing feeble transfers like a veteran. Jahmal Williams was sliding highspeed blunt transfers both ways all day and some kid named Dylan was Dylan did a blunt backside disaster, front rock transfer, in a silent ode to Chad Vogt.

Tony Memento

Black Dave...Frontside Nosegrind
The third and final contest took place on both the ten stair rail and Acapulco Wallride. Kids were going for broke and destroying themselves in the process. On the wallride, Nick Sassa had buttery alley oop wallrides and wallride step offs, no problem. And one of the craziest ones that nobody saw coming, was Robert Lopez-Mont's frontside Miller Flip over the two wallride ramp gap. Black Dave nosegrinded and front blunted the rail like a champion. Clint Peterson backside 360'ed the 10 stair and Manny Santiago frontside shoved to a feeble down the rail. Insane.

Tony Memento

Alex "Run" Corporan & Billy "Shriner" Rohan Handle The Crowd With Authority
When the day was over, a bunch of guys walked away with some bundles of cash, tons of product was raffled off, some good costumes were worn, a father and son fight broke out and some exceptional skateboarding was busted. Here's who walked away with the money.

Gino Box

1st Place-Manny Santiago- 360 pop shuv it
2nd Place-Nick Sassa- Nollie Bigspin
3rd Place-5boro Jon, Frontside pop shuv it
4th Place-Some kid, backside 360 ollie

10 Stair Rail/Acapulco Gold Wallride

1st Place-Manny Santiago, front bigspin feeble grind
2nd Place-Robert Mont-Lopez, Frontside Wallride to flat, Frontside Miller Flip on the AG Wallride
3rd Place-Nick Sassa-Alley Oop wallride, Wallride step-off

Honorable Mention...Black Dave, Front blunt down the rail
Scotty Moore, Kickflip tail on the bank to ledge

Jersey Barrier

1st Place-Nick Sassa, too many tricks to list
2nd Place-Dylan from Connecticut, Blunt backside disaster, front rock transfer
3rd Place-Jahmal Williams, Front bluntslide transfer

Tony Memento

Nick Sassa Got Paid
All in all, it was an excellent day of skateboarding. Good weather, good vibes and some rad as f*&k skating. A hefty shout-out goes directly to everyone who made this contest another phenominal New York event especially, Billy Rohan, Alex Corporan, Acapulco Gold, Run My Game Productions, Open Road Of New York, Adrian Lopez of Rock Star Bearings, Vans, Red Bull, Substance Skateboards, Prize Fighter Cutlery, Tony Memento for hooking up photos and the skaters of NYC. Hopefully this one will happen every year, folks.


Opening reception
November 15th, 7:00 – 9:30 pm
Show runs November 15th – December 13th, 2008

Deformer Book Signing, November 15, 6-7pm

For Map of the Inner War, Ed Templeton will be saturating the walls with over 250 new works including painting, sculpture, photography, and silkscreen.

5801 Washington Boulevard
Culver City, California 90232
T 323.549.0223
F 323.549.0224

The ├ęS team is gonna have some serious carpal-tunnel problems come November 29/30. They’ll be signing all sorts of goodies at Industrial in Las Vegas, then they’re headed to Active Long Beach and Active Irvine the very next day. Pencil this one in fanboys…

Patrik Wallner’s worldwide traveling opus, Translations, is finally done and ready to premiere around the world. The first premiere is in Barcelona, Spain on November 7, then NYC and then Bangkok, Thailand.

Video features Daniel Hochman, Malcolm Tallgard, Max Beinhofer & Samuel Beyer, Nolan Lee, Patrick Boes and Michael Mackrodt. Also co-starring Chris Pfanner, Lem Villemin, Jeremy Reinhard, Javier Mendizabel, Billy Rohan, Scotty Moore, Alex Mizurov, Josh Zickert, Kieron Brodie, Dany Hamard, Florentin Marfaing and many more.

Kristian Svitak just e-mailed us with news of his new wheel company called LandShark. Fellow 1031er Ben Raybourn rounds out the lean/mean team so far. Check out their website right about here.

Well it has been almost 3 years since my buddy and I started 1031. Yeah, crazy! And people still dont know who we are. Your right we suck! We suck so bad we decided to start another company to bring us down even further. I am here to announce LandShark wheels! We wanted to do this about 2 years ago but we where too broke. Since then we decided to cut back on eating so many corn dogs so we could save the money to do it. When we knew we wanted to do this my buddy asked “what should we call it?” I looked down at my forearm and saw one of my mistakes I got at the tattoo shop about 5 years ago. Yeah, I thought it was real clever to get “LandShark” along with a skateboard with a shark fin on it tattooed on my arm. Duh! But, as I looked down at my arm, I said “Ive got it! LandShark wheels! I even have a logo ready to go!” So there it is, More bullshit to flood the market. The web site will be up as soon as our buddy makes one for us. It will be . As for a team? You think anybody wants to be a part of our lame shit? No just kidding! That is all building right now. The one dude that is definatly on it is Ben Raybourn. Shit maybe it will just be him. Who cares ,no one will buy this crap anyways!

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 LandShark GO!

About seven years ago, the only thing I knew about Lutzka, I knew from my brother, Than, who lived in Wisconsin. "He's really good. He can shred the bowl and he kills the street course," he told me. Then, he told me he rode for Illenium, which was a skate company beloved in the Midwest. Illenium? I thought, that's rad. A few days later, I went to visit my brother in Milwaukee and saw Lutzka kickflip wallride from a quarterpipe to a bank-to-wall. This, to me, was amazing, since I was considerably more worse than I am now.

Nowadays, Lutzka is a steady killer for Almost, Oakley, Globe and Monster. The latter has allegedly bought him a house, which is amazing to me. They also provided him with a fedora that he wears in almost all of his footage. He's even got a far advanced sequence of effects and partying and girls and bottles of champagne in his Globe part. I think Lutzka's awesome and he's come a long, long way. As I watch him in Globe's United by Fate Episode 4, whipping full kickflip frontside three sixties, I ask myself…is there any way at all to get sponsored by Monster? Does anyone know? I really need to get off my friend's couch. I urge you to consider me as a representative. This is what it could look like.—Josh Brooks