Wednesday, October 29, 2008


With the rise of the web, the days of waiting for team videos to drop every two or three years is now a thing of the past. Sh*t, in todays modern world, footage is leaked online seemingly before the featured rider has even seen it. And while pretty much every company has web sections featuring unseen clips, tour videos and throw away footage of their precious riders, some companies are stepping up their media game and devoting entire sites to rider video clippage. In an effort to hype up their riders while the world waits for Zoo York's super-anticipated upcoming full-length video, State Of Mind, the company has launched ZooYork.TV. The site contains a ton of lengthy clips including Zoo Tours, demos, Harold Hunter tributes, teasers, team profiles and more. Go to ZooYork.TV now and get your footy fix of Zoo officials Brandon Westgate, Chaz Ortiz, Anthony Shetler, Donny Barley, Eli Reed, Zered Basset, Kevin Taylor, Lamare Hemmings, Aaron Suski, Matt Miller, Ron Deily and Forrest Kirby. I should, however, mention a warning. This site is addictive. Click on one movie and you've locked your ass into an hour long world of skateboard cinema. Just make sure your boss isn't around.—Jay Riggio

Modern Day Farmer

A Whole Hot Mess

Library of Congress

Today's equivalent of a skate entertainment farmer
Ain't nothin' but a whole hot stinkin' mess out there today: A little Butteryass over here. A little Black Label God Save the Label trailer over there. Uncensored Cliche Gypsy Tour 2 over in this neck of the woods. There's a little What the F**k is a City Tour? trailer down this sneaky wormhole. Unsane Vox montage here. Enjoy!—Josh Brooks

Adam Alfaro

The shirt says it all
If you have seen his Back in Black part then you know "Alf" is a total savage. Yes, the skating is solid but the part that gets me hyped is the ender-ender, when he fired himself down some LA massacre hill on one of those now trendy "trip to the corner store" boards and demolished himself, only to instantly pop up and do some sort of ninja kick/Sammy Hagar hype moves. I know he enjoyed every second of that bodily destruction which not only makes him rad in my book, but also frightens the sh*t out of me.

Stereo Sound Agency

Long before the re-birth of Stereo, there were the grassroots releases of Stereo's A Visual Sound and Tincan Folklore. The latter was discussed recently in Ethan Fowler's "Epicly Later'd" episodes with a fondness that recalled its ability to get you out skating.

Stereo Sound Agency

Two of skateboard history's most stylish bosses

There's no doubt that Fowler is part of the list of stylish skaters, like Pastras and Lee (as well as Shipman and Matt Rodriguez), that were part of the Agency's legacy and they seem intent on reconnecting to that time. In fact, they just signed Shipman back on the squad.

For those of us who cherish the excitement of our tumbling stomach any time we see someone skating down the street, the re-release of A Visual Sound and Tincan Folklore on DVD will surely get us out rolling through the streets

Alien Workshop

Jake Johnson's Newest Workshop Ad.
Over this past month, there appears to be more skate company site redesigns than ever before in the history of skate site redesigning. No stranger to the game of innovation and visual freshness, Alien Workshop has just gone ahead and went live with their brand new site. There's a bunch of good stuff in there, including an extensive interview with the somewhat mysterious, Jake Johnson. Be on the lookout for Jake's part in the upcoming Mind Field, now scheduled for a worldwide release on February 6, 2009. This kid is out of control good. —Jay Riggio