Saturday, July 25, 2009


At Saturday’s Skate Open (the only skate-only stop on the Dew Tour), TransWorld SKATEboarding will be hosting the Best Trick contest immediately following the finals. Skaters like Eric Koston, Nick Dompierre, Tommy Sandoval, Sheckler, and P-Rod are out already out there, so it should be a banger.

Look for the coverage right here on or tune into NBC’s coverage on Saturday and Sunday from 4–6 p.m. EST.

Prelims are underway here in Boston at the Dew Tour's World Championship of Skateboarding. Here are my first impressions:
Seeing skateboarding go down on the floor of the Boston Garden is surreal. We're talking about a place where the Celtics play, where Larry Bird dribbled and dunked, a giant among mere mortals. To see skaters out there and being cheered for and embraced by this serious sports town crowd, is pretty cool.

The other thing I'm surprised by here in Boston is the varied assortment of contest pros, skateboard heroes and what I like to call "rando-comandos." Sure Chaz Ortiz is here and Ryan Sheckler and Terry Kennedy. And sure the random Brazilian pros are here who earn a good chunk of their living skating in comps. But the weird thing is the amount of skateboard heroes and rando-comandos that are scattered across the park course. Turn your neck one way and you'll spot David Gonzales, Chris Cole and Nick Dompierre. Turn your neck the other direction and you'll see some Asian, Canadian or South American pro who's never sold a board in the United States. And I mean no disrespect to those guys either; some of them are seriously killing it out there. Here's my quick hit lists of guys I was expecting to see (who are all here) and guys who I'm pleasantly surprised to see

Talk about unexpected. Tony Trujillo is here?! Rad.
Predictably Present:
Ryan Sheckler
Chaz Ortiz
Terry Kennedy<
Fabrizio Santos
Tyler Hendley
Chad Fernandez
Carlos De Andrade
Dane Brummet
The Ramos bros.
Kurtis Colamonico< (who looks like he may have had a sponsor upgrade: He's rocking DGK gear y'all!)

Pleasantly Surprised to See:
Nick Dompierre
Jake Duncombe
Danny Fuenzalida
Peter Ramondetta
Billy Rohan
Dave Bachinsky
David Gonzalez
Ryan Decenzo


If the over-aired Adam Jones' double pits to chesty FMX commercial wasn't enough, Axe Body Spray has signed on Ryan Sheckler for a skate version of the commercial. By the looks of it, the FMX version of the double pits to chesty looks way gnarlier, but we're more than positive that the dudes that actually buy Axe will be way more persuaded by Sheckler's studly skating and boyish charm.

Axe's YouTube channel is full of all types of interesting stuff, including this super-random Axe produced skate video featuring Sheckler, Greg Lutzka and recently retired Jereme Rogers. It's a 6 minute long skate vid with a double pits to chesty commercial slyly inlayed throughout. I've just got to ask, what's next? Maybe a little Kelly Slater or Corey Bohan?

So I'm out here in Boston for the Dew Tour's Skateboarding World Championships. With a suffering economy and more and more pros having families with mouths to feed there actually should be some unexpected guests at this Dew Tour stop apart from the usual contest super stars (Sheckler, P-Rod) and rando-comando Brazilian park rippers. A few weeks ago, at the Maloof Money Cup I ran into Deluxe Team Manager John Alden. He mentioned that more and more of their riders are getting involved in the contest game to get some wider exposure and pad those paychecks. So don't be surprised to hear about Dennis Busenitz and Peter Ramondetta gunning for the podium. They're both here in Boston and ready to throw down.

Feels like it's Antihero day here today, but they're comin' in hot with the booty. Check out their breaking news story. You have got to love these guys. To see the their previous in-depth reporting, check out Action 18 News, where "When news breaks, it's because they broke it!"

The newest installment of the Beauty and the Beast Epicly Later'd just came out today and a good portion of the episode poses the question, "If you had to trade one Antihero member for a Girl member (or vis versa), who would you trade?" The question's a hard one, I would assume, for anyone on a team of skaters that they generally like, but even more so when you take into account the caliber of skaters—young and old, icon or future icon, street shredder or park murderer—that both teams have or had. I for one, could see Brian Anderson on either team, but know from talking to him that he just wants to stay with his friends.The rest are a toss-up, so I suggest delving into their pasts to see who goes where. These are only the facts, in video—just a list of the things they've each done to help decide. Take a look. Who would you trade.