Thursday, August 13, 2009

Singapore Xtreme Championship 09


Singapore Xtreme Championship is going to be held here in Singapore at the newly opened East Coast Extreme Skatepark, 29 -30 Aug 09.
Dont miss all the great action by the Local and international skaters and riders
in the house.
The winners will get a coveted spot in next year, 2010 Kia X Games Asia in Shanghai,China.

See YOU there.

Born and bred in Massachusetts, thirty-four year old Wilkins has been skating with reckless abandon for over twenty years, all the while, placing a constant emphasis on giving back to the skate community by designing and building skateparks, judging contests, running skate camps and perpetually striving to be a positive role model for young skaters to emulate. Since getting sponsored in 1993 and turning pro in 1996, Charlie has endorsed a variety of companies throughout his career including Powell, Transit, Maple, 5boro, Sheep, DVS, Etnies, Este, Pig, Krux, and Mercury.

A life-long East coast resident, Charlie decided early on that he would remain true to his roots and refrain from making the West coast skateboarding exodus. He knew his decision to stay in the Boston area might take a toll on his skateboarding career, but none-the-less, he was not willing to compromise his ideals and priorities in pursuit of skateboarding fame and fortune. Instead, he blazed his own path; shaping a solid career and a fulfilling lifestyle along the way that he is extremely proud of and thankful for.

About thirteen years ago, Charlie started judging local contests like the annual Fall Brawl. World Cup Skateboarding has since given him the opportunity to both judge and participate in their international events. His judging credentials include the X-Games (US, Latin, and Asian), Gravity Games, Vans Triple Crown and Dew Tour (as head judge) to name a few. Sitting behind the judge’s table has not hampered Charlie’s competitive abilities. In both 2002 and 2003, he was Overall Points Winner of the Mobile Skatepark Series, placing no less than second at any single event. In 2004, he continued to rank in the top three throughout the series. This contest series airs both on Fox Sports and ESPN 2.

In recent days, Charlie finds himself extremely busy. When he’s not doing
demos and filming/shooting for his sponsors or judging for WCS, Charlie
designs and builds the skate and BMX courses for AlliSports Dew Tour as well as other skate related design projects. He also hosts Charlie Wilkins Ramp Camp at Rye Airfield Skatepark in New Hampshire. This is a day camp that runs the entire summer and awards weekly scholarships in his name to less privileged applicants.

Charlie enjoys giving back to the community in ways such donating his time & expertise to cities trying to build skateparks and auctions free lessons for causes such as the Charles River Park Fund. Also, He is currently on the board for USA
Skateboarding, an organization responsible for promoting skateboarding through out the world as well as helping to bring skateboarding to the
Olympics. He is honored to participate along with other board members
Such as Tony Hawk, Eric Koston, and Andy MacDonald. Charlie was also is one of few to hand pick the athletes participating in skateboarding at the X Games each year.

Current sponsors:
Shut Skateboards (
Krux trucks (
Eastern Boarder skate shop (
DVS Shoes (
Other related companies:
World Cup Skateboarding (
Rye Airfield Skatepark (

Other noted sites:
Focus Magazine interview (
DVD Review (

Media Coverage:
Transworld Skateboarding (including cover), Thrasher Magazine, Slap Magazine, Warped (including cover), Big Brother, The Skateboard Mag (guest editor of issue #13, The East Coast Issue), Bikini, 411 Video Mag, past and present sponsor videos, magazine videos, ESPN, ESPN2, Fox Sports, NBC, OLN, Fuel, 54321.

Adam Banton
34 yrs
Sponsors: Eastern Bikes, Odyssey, DuFFS Shoes, Fender Guitars, Xblam, C.t.i Knee braces

Loyal, experienced, consistent, and original are a few words that can be used to describe BMX rider Adam Banton.

Adam is a true veteran to the sport. He’s been riding for over seventeen years and isn’t slowing down one bit. He’s at the top of his game and his level of devotion is as high as ever.

Although Adam’s main focus in riding isn’t contests, he still has a few respectable finishes under his belt. Adam excels in balancing big tricks like tail whips and 360’s with tech tricks like hang fives and nosepick variations.

He is no stranger to coverage as well. Many of Adam’s sponsors (Odyssey, Duffs Shoes, Eastern Bikes, Fender Guitars, etc.) run regular ads in all of the major BMX magazines (Ride BMX, Ride UK, BMX Plus!, etc) so Adam is regularly representing his sponsors in print. He also regularly receives editorial coverage.

The average BMX rider films at most one video section a year. In the past year, Adam has filmed two major video sections (Brian Purdy’s F This S and Odyssey’s Electronical) along with some internet coverage (Eastern’s Inside/Out video and a VitalBMX interview).

Adam Banton is a man of many talents. Along with being one of the most influential BMX riders in the sport, he’s also an accomplished musician. He has released two studio albums and his music has been featured in numerous outlets. Fender took notice to his talents and he became the first BMX rider on their team.
At the Fender Sports & Music Festival, Adam was able to show off his two passions by riding a demo and then playing a concert for thousands of fans. Playing as an athlete/ musician at this years E.S.P.N’S summer X-Games with Fender Guitars.
Adam is very loyal to all of his sponsors and everyone that supports him. In an industry that frequent sponsor changes are very common, Adam has stayed with the same companies for many years.

With his experience, skills, respect, loyalty, and hard working demeanor, Adam Banton is a force to be reckoned with in the BMX industry.

Mike Opalek

Mike Opalek started skating over 15 years ago in Cleveland, Ohio where he landed a stunt skating part in the underground epic skate film “Airborne”.

Competing since 1994, Mike has placed 4th in the 1995 Lausanne International and 10th in the 1995 X Games Street.

Proficient in both street and vert, he considers street more dangerous due to the jumping and grinding on handrails. He’s had two wheels named after him: the Mike Opalek American Dreams from Senate.

Although not in competition, Mike is still much a part of the rollerblading industry. He’s a freelance writer and photographer and judges competitions all over the world for the Aggressive Skaters Association.

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Andy Kessler, a prominent figure on the New York skateboarding scene of the late seventies and early eighties, has died, according to Skateboarder magazine, which reports that the cause was an allergic reaction to a hornet sting the skateboarder suffered in Montauk. Kessler, who designed many of the city's skate parks, including those at Riverside Park, Pier 40, and in Brooklyn, was profiled in New York in 2005. "Everyone has their choice Kessler story," David Browne reported. "Like the day he refused to move to the back of a crowded bus, telling the driver, “You move to the back. This place is a sardine can. I’ll drive the bus.”

The skaters aimed full speed at the concave wood. “They were these sick, sick guys,” recalls Ricky Mujica. “Fifty percent of the time they’d kill themselves.”

“The next thing we know,” recalls Mujica, “Andy is thrown out by the driver, and his skateboard comes flying out after him. People didn’t like skateboarders back then.” After chasing the bus for four blocks, Kessler smashed the window with his board. Then there was the time Kessler refused to don a helmet at a skate park in New Jersey and was chased by guards trying to force him to wear one. Fights were commonplace. “I was a good skateboarder,” Kessler admits, “but a real prick to most people.”

Not really, though. Per Skateboarder: "He will be greatly missed."

ANDY KESSLER RIP [Skateboarder]