Saturday, December 13, 2008


Carlsbad, CA — (December 10, 2008) — Bob Burnquist secures the title of WCS #1 Vert Skater after an amazing performance and three wins at the Oi! Megarampa competition in Brazil. The event was held at Sao Paulo's Sambadrome of Abhembi on November 23rd and over one million viewers tuned-in to TV Global's to watch event coverage.

Over 10,000 loyal fans waited over three hours in a downpour for the semi-finals to commence. Oi! Megarampa set a record in Brazil's skateboarding history by offering the largest contest cash prize of $85,500. Burnquist, co-creator of the event and native of Brazil, placed 1st in the quarter pipe and jump best trick contests after landing a switch backside 360 stalefish and indie 540 over the gap. He also took home the overall win with a three point lead. This is Burnquist's third mega ramp win in a row. His past mega ramp wins include X Games 13 and reigning X Games Big Air champion, proving why WCS ranks him #1.

"It was a lot of work to get this event off the ground and even harder to skate the mega ramp in front of all the cheering Brazilian fans. I want to thank Mega Ramp Events, all the skaters that flew down to Brazil to be a part of the event, and a special thanks to Danny Way for taking yet another slam for the cause. The pressure was almost unbearable with all the craziness going on, but with the support of the riders and the fans, we put on yet another mega show," said Burnquist. As World Cup Skateboarding's point leader, with a margin of 200 points after dominating the competition in Brazil and competing in all four WCS vert contests, Burnquist starts 2009 as a force to be reckoned with.

Bob Burnquist would like to thank the following sponsors: Flip Skateboards, Hurley, Toyota, Oakley, Ipath Shoes, Nixon, Pro-Tec Helmets, Ogio and Sambazan Amazon Energy.

Anybody ever heard of this War Co. business? It looks like War Co. is a new board brand featuring the headlining talents of ex-Element pro, Tosh Townend and Steve Godoy offspring and ex-Baker wise ass, Knox Godoy. Also on the team are Paul Flores and The Sinner. Not much else is known about War Co. Skateboards. However, according to their Myspace page, their Body Type is "5' 9 with some Extra Baggage," they're "Capricorn's," "Proud Parents," "Single," and make "$250,000 and higher." Do we really need to know anymore? I'll keep you posted.

Protect Ya Neck

Skateboarder Sues Baltimore Cop For Throwing Craze


Eric Bush & His Momma, Ms. Bush.
A while back, the video of a young kid being taken down by a police officer made its way across the web. Apparently the kids name is Eric Bush and the officer in question is Salvatore Rivieri. It appears now, that a judge has given Bush, age 14, the right to sue the officer. Officer Salvatore Rivieri was removed from street duty shortly after the incident made headlines and hasn't yet to return. Hopefully this kid wins, makes an example of this d*ckbag and opens some eyes to the po po's reoccurring abuse of power. Then I hope Eric cuts me a check for a few of his winnings. Not much, just a few G's.

Lutzka's Bangin'

We're Both From Wisconsin…Get Me on Monster Already

Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutzka! Yeah! I don't care what anyone says (and some people say a lot), but Lutzka is epic. I hate to sound like I'm begging, but I think he should help me out and get me on Monster…maybe even get me one of those hats. Maybe a house, too?

I just wish that people cared about writing as much as they did about skateboarding, but that's just too much to ask. I totally understand. Reading's for idiots…Wait, no, that's not right.

I guess I just need to get people interested, maybe get a gimmick. Maybe I could be like Kerouac and become a beatnik. I'll write all my books one time. Then, I'll re-write them just from memory, so that it flows…You know what, maybe that's why I can't get sponsored. Nothing about writing a book and then re-writing a book is flashy like Lutzkas Bangin' over at the Berrics. I think the most I'll ever get out of this dream to be the first sponsored writer on Monster is one of those hats.

Power To The Planet

Element Helps Raise Social Awareness


A Preview of Element's Spring '09 footwear
So as you might already know, Element has a program going on called, Power To The Planet. No stranger to assisting in positive social causes, Element's Power To The Planet initiative features a full line of sustainable and organic products which hope to aid in the preservation of the environment. In order to spread the word of the program, 60 Element "family members" got together to explain individually, what Power To The Planet means to them. There's a diverse group of heads in the mix like Mike V., Brian Gaberman and even Rodney Smith of Shutl. Go to the official Power To The Planet mini-site and have a yourself a looksy.

The Carroll Calamity Continues

Epicly Carrolled Part 3

Carroll can laugh it all off now.

He's still good and EMB blows up. This one's got some risque stuff so I'm not gonna embed it but you can watch the episode here. I'm up in SF, so I might swing by Embarcadero tomorrow, even though it's not the same. We'll see.