Thursday, November 27, 2008


It's hard to believe that it's been over 2 years now that Harold Hunter left this earth. Harold was such an enormous part of the New York skate scene, it still feels strange to not spot him skating down the street or floating through the subway on any given day.

As you all know, this past May "The 2nd Annual Harold Hunter Day" celebration went off full-force at the Manhattan Bridge Skatepark. The event was jam-packed with skaters, lurkers and friends who came together to honor the memory of a true New York original.

RB Umali just released a new edit of the monumental day that pretty much highlights all of the good stuff that happened both day and night. Sick skating, heartfelt testimonials from friends and some after party footage which features the exclusive rhymes of the legend himself.
The Southeast Boombox Tour
High Grade Distribution

Creation Skateboards & Satori Movement have just announced a Southeast tour that'll be stretching across Florida and ending in Georgia. Along for the ride will be Creation pro's Ron Allen and Dave Caddo, as well as Mario Matabele, Kevin Radley, Chris Burns, Nathan Porter and Marky Clements. Good skating, good weather and positive vibes. Make a stop at one of their appearances and pick up on the good stuff.

Jamie Throws Down Ten

Zero's Jamie Tancowny Busts At The Black Box Barracks


Zero's Newest Am Gets Ten
Ryan Bobier, Dan Murphy, Pete Eldridge, James Hardy, Gilbert Crockett, Windsor James all had'em. Now, it's Zero Amateur on th rise, Jamie Tancowny, who is the newest Black Box rider to get a video installment of "10 Tricks" at the Black Box dojo. Peep that stylish as hell Euro Gap acid drop from this newby.

Never Say Goodbye

Slap Magazine Says So-long To Print

Slap's Digital Departure Party

Slap's last tangible issue ever. Kirchart's wearing all white on this one, frontside bluntsliding into what I like to think as, the heavens. Good night sweet prince.
This is a tearjerker right here. I grew up reading Slap Magazine. I remember the days when it was still all black & white and the ink would rub off on your fingers like a wet copy of the New York Post. The mag grew quickly through the years, eventually becoming one of the main contenders in the world of skate media. In time, I was lucky enough to have my own words grace the pages of the magaziine. Now, the final print issue of Slap Magazine has hit newstands for the first and last time.

As a last issue, it's been beefed up quite a bit with tons of worthy content. Inside is a Leo Romero interview featuring strictly sequences of the young buck, a Tiltmode Army piece, a "One In A Million" road trip article, a Slap forum grill-sesh with Jersey's Bob Puleo, a banger for the curtains page and last but not least, a scary interview with Black Metal pioneer, King Diamond. What?!!!

While it's sad to see Slap retire from the print ranks, it's good to know that it hasn't been given the traditional axe the way so many other print mags have over the last couple years. It'll be interesting and exciting to see the mag take on a new life when it's exclusive web format drops this December 1st. Tha'ts coming up real soon.

To celebrate Slap's decent into the world of online, the High Speed crew are throwing the SLAP Digital Departure Party. It'll all go down on December 6th at the On Six Gallery in SF. On the walls, they'll be work from 20 artists who have been featured in the mags "Portfolio" section over the years. Stop in to see work by Andy Jenkins, Todd Bratrud, Jeremy Fish, Chris Johanson, Jason Jesse, Arto Saari and more. Handling the one's and two's will be DJ John Cardiel, as the re-debut of Stereo's A Visual Sound and Tincan Folklore burn your goddamned eyes out.

Active Am 2008

The kids got wild out in the OC

The 2008 Active Am was pretty fun this past weekend. It was held on Saturday in Mira Loma right near a cow ranch, which was great for the flies. They got a vacation away from all those vacas and got to hang with the humans and feasted on the hamburger smorgasbord. They were also entertained by the ripping ams. The above video shows some highlights from the event (Vincent Alvarez, switch tail and switch lip; Andrew Langi, front blunt on the extension and blunt to back disaster; Davis Torgersen, nosegrind and nollie nosegrind; didn't know the guy who did the front feebs, but he ripped; Marius bailed that back noseblunt a few times, but finally landed it and Greg and Marisa raved). To end it off, Judge Brad Staba stage-dove off the quartepipe onto boxes full of backpacks they planned to gift to all the participating ams. And, Julian Davidson and Gilbert Crockett showed the crowd how fun dorking around on your skateboard can be when you're f**king amazing. Greg Robinson got my vote for greatest TM of the year (if there is such a thing). All in all, pretty fun.