Saturday, September 20, 2008


A few months ago, Independent Truck Co. celebrated their 30th Anniversary in business by embarking on a tour that made some stops around the USA. The tour not only featured some of the best and most legendary names in skateboarding, the entire thing was well documented. The Independent Truck Co. 30th Anniversary Tour DVD is rumored to be dropping sometime around Halloween. But if you can't wait and feel like you have to pee because of all that pent-up anticipation, don't sweat it hombre's. Independent will soon be releasing the entire video in segments on their website starting in the very near future. I'll keep you updated as to when that happens. In the meantime, a long-ass trailer has been issued, giving a tiny tease as to the amazing skateboarding, the rest of the video will hold. Check this awesome trailer featuring Geoff Rowley, Brian Anderson, Sammy Baca, Omar Hassan, Salba, The Vertical Vampire, Dan Drehobl, Emmanuel Guzman, Chris Haslam, Rick Howard, Alex & Steve Olson, Omar Salazar, Lance Mountain, Kenny Anderson, Chet Childress and many more. Grab a cup of joe, light a smoke, and marinate on this one.

Sk8Mafia am and DC Shoes' newest official team member, Wes Kremer, is skating crazy good these days. A "remix" version of his DC footage has been floating around the interweb as of late, that exhibits Wes skating better than ever. It'd be a sin not to share this thing with you. Hell, I'd be a bastard. So check it out below. Dude's gnarly. Plus he skates to Snoop. Take'm West Side...



Yet another Surf Expo has come and gone…and we’re trying to put together the pieces of what happened over the three days. On Friday afternoon there was a Best Trick Contest on the hip-bank-extension obstacle on the Team Pain-constructed mini-ramp. David Loy took the gold on that one with an amazing fs nosegrind, earning himself a cool G.

Saturday was slated for the Am Mini-Ramp Jam. With a little over 30 entrants, they were given two runs to make the top 10 cut. The final 10 got one more run and then competed in an all-out-jam for slightly over 20-minutes. When the dust cleared, David Loy once again was crowned champ:
1st - $2,000 - David Loy
2nd - $1,500 - Curren Caples
3rd - $1,000 - Shawn Hale
Best Trick:
1st - $1,000 - David Loy, frontside nosegrind pop-in
2nd - $500 - David Bachinsky, blunt frontside flip out
3rd - $300 - George Evans, ollie up kickflip in the extension
There were more parties and good times to even begin to recall, so check out the rest of the coverage right here at

SPoTlight Productions would like to give a special shout-out to Volcom for supporting yet another great Mini-Ramp Jam and Surf Expo for letting us do our thing in the Skate Section. See you back at Expo in January for a Pro Mini-Ramp Jam!

Upcoming SPoTlight Productions Events:
October 11 - Vans Downtown Showdown
October 18 - DC’s King of LA
October 23 - 26 - Damn Am Volcom



When you just can’t decide on a hat, you can never go wrong with a company like Spitfire. Between their skate scene street cred and fiery logo, no one can touch ‘em. CCS just received their latest New Era. Keep your head hot for winter.

LRG hits us hard with their Fall 2008 New Era Caps. First we have a very nice plaid fitted cap and next we have a tone-on-tone snapback cap. Head over to Karmaloop to see the full Fall 2008 LRG Collection.

For those of you who rock the skate gear and know what it means, then this Element Shocker Flat Rail will keep your skate game tight for the upcoming fall/winter months. Just throw it in the back of pick-up or set it up in the basement. And it adjusts up to 13″, so you can actually score some points with that heelflip front board.

After presenting you the Vans Syndicate x Gabe Morford pack this morning, and yesterday the Vans x Rebel8 collaboration project, we show you here another interesting pack in collaboration with Steve Caballero. The pack consists of a Sk8 Hi and a Half Cab. Both come with black uppers, featuring a red overlaying pattern.

We can give you a preview of the upcoming Vans Syndicate x Gabe Morford Half Cab and Era thanks to Crooked Tongues. Gabe is known as a photographer and in recent years also for his strong involvement with Mash SF.

Vans Syndicate created together with him a Half Cab and an Era and as usual, they got it right. Overall simple looks, lots of details, high quality materials, and thus the outcome is once again a very solid sneaker pack.

The Vans Syndicate x Gabe Morford pack is coming out for Holiday 2008