Thursday, February 25, 2010


Continuing with DC’s Skateboarding Is Forever video project, next in the line up—Greg Myers is having his part premiere this Thursday, February 25 at famed skater watering hole The Saloon in Encinitas, California. The evening will also include a performance by Nihilist and tunes by the LSDj’s. Previous SIF premieres: Marquise Henry & Matt Miller.

Scotty Ill of The Hundreds put Apollo Cutts on flow for The Hundreds a few years back so it seems fitting that on the first official In The Cutts trip to LA, it got down with The Hundreds for an episode. The Hundreds’ new headquarters has not really been filmed outside of their own in-house work so this is a bit of a rare look at the space that houses the brand that is currently kinging “California Culture.”

Cameron Sanchez’ new video, OVERdose is premiering this Thursday at the Del Mar Highlands Ultrastar. The video features: Spencer Nuzzi, Taylor Orman, Alex Pedroza, Taylor Shuffield, John Lupfer, Brian Gille, Paul Sewell, Chris Henry, and Skooter.

Brian Fick is having his first photo show Sunday March 7th in North Park, San Diego. Stop by if you’re in town.

David Clark joined the Zip Zinger videos today. Check out the new Krooked video with David Clark.

The latest in the “Proformance” series, Bucky Lasek skates and discusses Element’s Featherlight Helium Construction, the lightest and strongest skateboard made.


Premiere columnist makes the case for sports history

Guy on the left wants guy on the right to compete in the Summer Olympics. Know what that means?
Rick Reilly wants to see skateboarding in the Olympics. For skate readers who may not be familiar with other parts of, Reilly is an 11-time National Sports Writer of the Year who came to ESPN in 2008 after 23 years at Sports Illustrated. He waxes poetic on everything from Tiger Woods to Kobe Bryant. While Reilly doesn't often offer up opinions on skateboarding, he brought it up in his Go Fish column on Feb. 18, pointing out that if skateboarding were admitted into the Olympics, Shaun White (two-time Olympic Gold Medalist) would have a shot at being the first athlete in 78 years to win Olympic gold in Winter and Summer.
" ... (T)he IOC needs to get skateboarding into the Olympics right now. Shaun White could be the first athlete to win gold in the Summer and Winter Games since 1932. (American Eddie Eagan did it in boxing and bobsled that year.) Please?" Reilly implores.
Whether skateboarding should be an Olympic sport is a hotly contested issue among some of our tribe. Some see the recognition and legitimacy the Games would bring as a benefit to the sport and the industry. Others argue skateboarding and skateboarders have always gone their own way; that they don't need outside recognition for validation or support.
Reilly's plea doesn't stem from advocating for skateboarding or even for the Olympics for that matter. He's making the case for setting the stage for a potentially great moment in sports history. And when it comes to sports, history and memorable moments, the man knows his stuff.

Is the opportunity for Shaun White to make history by competing in Summer and Winter Games enough reason to put skateboarding in the Olympics?
Scott Johnston boosts an ollie in his pro days while sporting one of his signature pro mode shoes from Lakai.
Back in October, we brought you an exclusive interview with former Chocolate and Lakai pro, Scott Johnston. Johnston made the seamless transition from stylish pro skater to designing stylish pro skate shoes for Lakai. Today, Lakai announced that Johnston has done such a good job that he's been promoted to be the Footwear Design Director of the brand. Normally this type of news might be a little too insider-y for the blog. But if you saw "Fully Flared," you know Johnston is the man and it's cool to know that the future of Lakai is in the hands of a true skate O.G. Stereo's new hot fire, Josiah Gaitlyn has been racking up new sponsors right and left since making a splash on The Berrics last year. Gaitlyn is now the first am to be added to the growing Theeve trucks team. Gaitlyn joins Tony Hawk, Dan Murphy, Garret Hill, Matt Mumford, Johnny Layton, Gareth Stehr, Ben Raybourne and Chad Bartie on the growing team.
Ben KarpinskiFelipe Gustavo2 009 Damn Am contest in Costa Mesa.
Plan B has recruited Brazilian phenom Felipe Gustavo to officially join their am team. Felipe is welcomed to the squad with this mindblowing intro video:   


Converse adds new athletes