Tuesday, May 12, 2009



DC Skateboarding’s Self- Film, Self- Edit Contest goes lives today on The online contest gives skateboarders the chance to film, star in, edit and upload their own skate video for the chance to win DC product.

The contest format requires skateboarders to film themselves skateboarding. They then must edit their footage down to two minutes or less. Once the video is complete all entries must be posted to DC will judge all video submissions and pick the top three videos. The first second and third place winners will receive DC shoes and apparel product prize packages.

Contest will run from May 8th until June 30th. For more information on the contest visit, or to enter visit

My Girl Contest
Here’s your chance to have your own design made into a Girl Skateboards X CCS exclusive T-shirt! Girl Pro and CCS Team Rider, Rick Howard, will be picking his favorite fan-submitted graphic to turn into a Girl Skateboards T-Shirt, available only at CCS. Send your own original “My Girl” T-shirt graphic to for a chance to win!

How It Works:
-Download the “Girl” logo from our contest page.
-Create your own design using the “Girl” logo and email it to us by May 29, 2009.
-Rick Howard himself will have a look at every design and pick his favorite.
-The winning T-shirt chosen by Rick will be sold exclusively on our website.

“So we here at 1031 have some exciting news to tell you all out there. I’ve been thinking , how should I write this? How can we sound really professional, like we know what we are doing? Well I dont think I have
the answer. I dont want to tell this news the same way everyone else does. They try to be all buisiness like about it and it just sounds so dumb. So without anymore rambeling from me and in perfect 1031 form……. Ben Raybourn is PRO!!!! Thats right jerks! At just a few months shy of his 17th birthday, Ben will now be able to buy an extra pack of sour patch kids at the store. So there you go. Now all you skate nerds can start the gossip, you just better stay out of Bens way when your in the bowl! He’ll do a lein to tail on your dome! He has 4 different pro models starting to hit stores now. Oh, and one more thing….. Hell yeah Ben, f—k sh-t up!”


By now, I already know that it's a small world, but when you start making calls to get a gallery with an up-and-coming photographer and there are three photos out of eleven of people that you knew well when you lived in Colorado, it's a little striking. I mean, I've been friends with Jared Stoots since my freshman year in college. Sean and Nial Frederickson used to drink at the the skate house where I lived in Colorado and were the first people I ever did a full skateboarding interview with.

So, it's with pleasure that I introduce (or reacquaint) anyone who's reading this with Tyler Bush and feature a gallery of his images. Beside freelancing as a photographer, the twenty-year-old is pursuing a degree in Economics at the University of Arizona and travels throughout the Southwest, which explains summer trips to stay in the Colorado scene. He has an exclusive gallery here . When you're done, check his website

Honestly, ESPN would probably never be riding around LA with some of the Zero and Fallen dudes, unless it just so happened that their team manager pissed a wealth of couches—once when we were all living in a skate house together in college and another time when he was living on the couch at my apartment in San Diego (Mahar lived there too). It's not that he owes me for those micturitions or anything.'s more like a confirmation that you're his friend. Here are a few clips from our eventful (good times) uneventful (lots of driving) day in LA , skating school yards, watching the child-like excitement as Australians saw squirrels with their own eyes, getting pulled uphill by the dead at the Whittier cemetery and watching Whittier's finest shred. When it drops, you must see Zero's Strange World. It will be awesome.

Guy gets pushed into cleaning himself up with the help of his then girlfriend (now saintly fiancee) and friends. Then, after a stint in rehab and some kind offers extended by Reda, everyone at Girl and Lakai and Thrasher (if you don't love this mag, I don't know what to do for you, man), he shows himself again and comes back with more than just courtesy skating. We all know what happens next, but it's concluded in part 10. For now, watch this episode .

When Rasa Libre started in 2003 under Deluxe, I liked it purely for the fact that it was way different from anything else at the time. A huge portion of the skaters around where I lived then (Colorado) seemed down for it as well. Their graphics were weird butterfly mosaics and collages of hippies, Native Americans or shaman mixed in with stars, feathers and colors—weird, but tight. Apparently, Michael Leon did those graphics along with a place called Hero Studios (As you can see, this lasted from 2004 to 2007). On top of that, the company put a good team together.

Deluxe-era graphics
Obviously funky Matt Field has been at the helm of the whole thing

It's funny. Just two days ago my friend Grogs (the guy in the Miami drug lord costume) and I were talking about Mike Jones while Tony Cervantes was killing some rail. I started singing, "281-...what was Mike Jones' phone number again?" Grogs said, I think it's like, "281-330-...I can't remember the last part." I looked it up to find these genius lyrics from "Back Then ":

They used to love to me diss me, now they rush to hug and kiss me now
They telling all they friends when I leave how they miss me now
2 8 1, 3 3 0, eight zero zero 4
Hit Mike Jones up on the low 'cause Mike Jones about to blow

Apparently it was Mike Jones' real number. He wanted record producers to call him, but soon realized everyone else was going to call. I gave it a ring right then and there. "No one's answering," I told Greg. I think he disconnected it after so many calls.

You won't have this same problem with Stevie William's phone number, though. He dropped it at the top of his latest Venture ad. It's 215-240-7321. It appears that he's is taking the same telephone approach to viral marketing. Here's his latest message:

Ay yo what's up, this your boy S Dubs, you know what I'm sayin? Givin' a shout out to my fans that call. If there's anything you wanna ask me about—anything you heard about—whether it's rumors, or new businesses or just new companies or wherever you wanna see your skate video at, just holla at me. Leave me a message or leave me a question and holla at me and I'll try to get back at you as soon as i can. A'ight. Peace.

You can also listen to other peoples' messages as well, like "Yo Stevie, this yor boy from Louisiana. Ya hurd me? Got mad love for the Kayo corp family. DGK e'ery day. One." Pretty interesting. Doesn't have the same ring as Mike Jones' number, but it's a hell of an idea. Call it.—Josh Brooks