Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We are proud to welcome: Daewon Song, Rodrigo TX, Mikey Taylor, Arto Saari, and the legendary Lance Mountain to the pro team. And young rippers Tyler Bledsoe, Theotis Beasley and Mike Anderson to the am team.

Osiris Releases Some Second Hand Footage as Vintage as Duffel's Gear


I doubt either one is hard for Corey Duffel, but I think most people would look at this picture and wonder for themselves whether it's harder to back lip this rail or wear Corey's gear.
Duffel takes it to Earl Warren with some serious rabbit hops and B-roll wobbles. Despite the fact that I know he gets his hair done professionally and no matter how eccentric his gear gets, Corey Duffel is still unbelieveably good. Watch him take this famous spot to school.

Slap Launch Party

Slap's voyage into digital christened with beverages

The crowds poured in for Slap's digital launch. Is that Dune in the middle?

One in a Million Real amateur Jake Donnelly hugs it out with Dave Rickett and Slap Editor, Mark Whiteley.

Joe Brook has been the Photo Editor at Slap for days and is one of the nicest dudes on the planet. Here he is with his new bride.

Jai Tanju has been shooting skate flicks for decades. Here the Turk chills with Jonathan Hays.

Kyle Camarillo filmed your favorite enjoi video. Erik Olsen Art Directs for Slap.
I've read Slap mag since '92. it's always been a favorite and I've always respected what those guys have done to carve out their own niche in the industry. With Slap going completely digital the print mag will be sorely missed but it doesn't seem like the any of the passion the Slap pals have had in the past should have any trouble finiding its way to an all-online format. Celebrating the digital launch, Slap threw a party in SF and our man, Tadashi was there to get in on the action. — Adam Salo

Saturday night my buddies and I went to the Slap party. First off it was located at Club 6 which is in a really sketch part of SF. I parked in the most urine-infested alley in all of the Tenderloin. The smell and dark lighting was befitting because right next my car appeared a man crouching down with a needle in his hand. Dang! Anyways we pushed forward past that and my roommate walked right in to a $100 ticket due to the fact he was carrying an open container of beer. So needless to say the evening started off a little stressful.
Inside the event we were able to relax and the first thing to do was to check out the walls of art of the people who had been featured in Slap's famous Portfolio Profiles. Along side the art were free back issues that coincided with the artist. My friends and I promptly stocked up on them! Also in the back room there was a second bar where John Cardiel was spinning records. On top of the free mags, cool art and reggae music it was a really good turn out of people. Pretty much all the usual SF party guys, the Slap staff (obviously) and SF industry folk came to chop it up.
All in all it was a fun evening lots of broing down and skate talk. Now that I'm back home I get to go thru those back issues we grabbed and afterwards I'll be checking out all their new articles on Slap dot com.

What's Next For Lil' Nyjah?

Element Skateboards & Nyjah Huston Call It Quits

eS Footwear

A big shocker of skateboard news came this weekend when Element distributed an official press release stating they had ended their long relationship with child prodigy, Nyjah Huston.

"Element sincerely wishes Nyjah success in all future endeavors and would like to thank him for all the great accomplishments and achievements during his tenure with Element."

Though Nyjah has been entering pro contests for the past I don't know how many years, he was still listed as am Element am rider, with no signature board in site. Whether his lack of promotion to pro status had anything to do with this split is unknown, but regardless, it's fun to speculate. Was Nyjah's pops involved, talking his skate coach role in his sons career a wee bit too far? Hmmm.

So far, there's no word yet as to where he'll end up. Some are claiming Plan B since he already rides for Syndrome Distribution's Silver Trucks and FKD Bearings. Others are calling bullsh*t on that one, claiming his image is far too crunchy for Plan B's diamond encrusted team of rip-riders. Could Creation, Organika or even Rasa Libre be a possibility? After all, we are talking about a situation where this kids hair weighs more than his own body weight. But who knows...perhaps this departure will cause little Nyjah to shave off his dreads, slip into a pair of stretch denims, a tight-ass ripped tee and embark on a fresh collection of face tats, only to be picked up by the Deathwish squad. We'll have to wait and see what happens. Until then, let the rumors spread like a raging case of gym class ringworm...

Every see Nyjah's part in eS' promo Especial? Most didn't. Whatever. This kid's good as hell.