Saturday, July 4, 2009


The contest for the 8.0 Slave deck to the left was a tough call. I had one person posting on here a gazillion times in a row. Meanwhile, there were a few posting here and there with some bangers. 1991champ made the timely, yet nonchalant "Busenitz looked pretty on it..." when Chief lost. He also said what everyone wanted to say when the CPH Pro footage was released ("I want to see some Matt Beach!!!"). Meanwhile, I was a fan of the perhaps over-analyzed Gutfeld post quote from DrunkenPunchUp11 that went, "And concerning the Tony Hawk White House drama—It has already blown over. Fox News is capable of showing skateboarding in a positive light: http://www.foxnews. com/story/0,2933,405 344,00.html. That is the most fair and balanced turtle I have ever seen." GNARnivore had me forget about the whole Tony Hawk, White House dilemma with his main page quote, "Good thing Tony didn't push mongo down that hallway...then the terrorists would have truly won."

But, in the end, lakaianddie had the most interesting—sometimes untimely (i.e. Michael Jackson jokes)— jokes, on point quips and funniest comments. Some of the best that stood out (to see who won, click read more):

"If you like the gonz then this is a must see in response to a post full of video links .

"What's Mike V gonna do hand plant down the 4 block" in response to the Maloof Most Wanted and his game of skate only days earlier.

"they should have this chick get an exam to see if she is really a woman because she definitely has some balls" in response to Marisa Dal Santo's post Wallenberg interview.

Overall, everyone left some sick comments that made the reader crack a smile, so good looks to all of you. Lakaianddie, send me your contact info at To the rest of you, keep commenting. The more you comment the sooner the next contest will go down. And, when it does, it's only going to be a "funniest comment" contest. Pretty kick ass showing, all. Thanks.


It's hard to deny American culture's romantic fascination with Vikings. Our love affair with these red bearded warriors runs deep—making it hard to venture to their lands without drawing reference to its warrior heritage. While walking the streets of Copenhagen, it isn't hard to envision these 8th century barbarians marauding the countryside, getting smashed on mead and brandishing their battle hammers and axes with a grit that would strike fear in the hearts of all they crossed. But the Vikings, you see, aren't just ancient heroes the Danes pride as a part of their past, there's a certain warrior spirit in these people that still lives on today (To continue, click read more).
Cullen Poythress

No Viking celebration would be complete without a pig roast. Simon and William from the CPH skatepark arranged the feast, which fed hundreds of reveling skaters throughout the evening.

Primal Nordic scribes wrote Sagas—epic tales of warriors celebrated for their heroic deeds in the great battles of the dark past. These were tales reserved for men of great worth. Modern Danish legend tells of one of these new Vikings—a skateboarder born in the fires of Thor's hammer—a man who lived his life 100%, 100% of the time. To those who knew him, Kristian Bomholt was a fearless skater, friend to all, and a true statesman of Denmark. Kristian recently passed, but his passing wasn't a fading—it was a silent, yet explosive conclusion to a life of relentless action and smiles.

Torey and Eric Koston posing with their trophies. Koston gave a hell of a performance, but it wasn't enough to defeat the foaming berserker, Torey Pudwill. Torey dedicated his performance to Kristian's honor.

For Viking warriors, to die in the heat of battle, as Kristian did, was the highest honor one could hope for. For those soldiers who died with their boots on, the Norse god Odin held a promise of Valhalla—a grand hall of infinite ale and celebration. Leaving earth in a blaze, Kristian, undoubtedly resides there today.

During battle, some Vikings, intoxicated on the promise of Valhalla were said to reach a state known as Berserk. Berserkers, as they were called, were warriors who fought in a trance of uncontrollable rage and brutality. These savage killers were an inspiration to those left among the living and the spirits of those Berserkers felled in battle were said to help the living in combat.

This past weekend at the 2009 CPH Pro contest, the city of Copenhagen bore witness to just such an event, as Kristian's Viking spirit possessed the skateboarding of the young Torey Pudwill.

In life, Kristian and Torey were great friends and Cullen Poythress

Mark Baines takes a casual stride through the course on the eve of its destruction.
comrades—truly brothers in skateboarding. On the course this weekend, Torey was clearly embodied by his fallen brother's warrior spirit. With fire in his eyes trick after trick was made with flawless precision as he took out his combatants one by one. His stamina was almost inhuman. During his runs, Torey continuously emptied his stomach, only to wipe his mouth and continue his slaughter. Torey, for those brief moments, was a Berserker and his Viking friend Kristian, with ale raised high, was surly smiling down on him from Valhalla.

The late Danish statesman Kristian Bomholt blasting a proper backside ollie. CPH 2009 and all that follow will be held in his memory and honor.

A very special thanks goes out to the city of Copenhagen and William and Simon at the CPH Skate Park who put on an amazing weekend full of world class skateboarding, friendship, and endless good times.DVS

Getz goes bezerker in so many ways, but here he's also using his skate. Nosegrind the quarterpipe from bank to bank.