Thursday, June 4, 2009


Fauzan B2B Rider ( Front Cover of shifty Mag)


Wild in the Streets will probably occur all over the planet, but the Emerica team will be heading for Vancouver to rush the streets on June 21st, 2009. They will also make an appearance at Underworld on Saturday June 20th at 2 pm.

In addition, Emerica plans to host the event, sell T-shirts to raise awareness about Lee Matasi's untimely murder by gunshot in 2005 and benefit the underground DIY project he began before his death.

If you are in the area, try to make it to the event to support Vancouver's growing skate community and pick up an I Heart Leeside T-shirt to expand construction of LeeSide park.

Those of you who are unable to make it that far, you can organize your own Wild in the Streets event, find an event already planned nearby or find anything else Wild in the Streets related at For more information on Lee, go to

While we made our move from EXPN to ESPN, it seems that others have chosen to stay with the X. LA's Xtreme Boardshop are holding strong with Real's best—Ramondetta, Busenitz, Dompierre, JT Aultz, Ernie Torres, Keith Hufnagel, Justin Brock, Damian Bravo, Davis Torgerson and Jake Donnelly. The whole team will be down in LA for a roof top skate contest on Sunday June 7th from 12 pm to 3 pm. If you're in the area, head down to Koreatown Plaza (Roof Top Parking Lot) at 920 S. Western Ave. #343 Los Angeles, CA . The Real team never disappoints.

While I'm talking Deluxe-talk, head on over to the new Thunder catalog . It's got some gems in there.

It's been talked about for many years and now is finally coming to life. On June 1, Vans released its first-ever book, Vans: Off the Wall, featuring 20-some-odd stories that collectively tell the story of the brand: from Rowley to Warped Tour, from Customs to Joel Tudor, from Alva and Cab to artist collabs. The book is 208 pages in hardback, with more than 350 full-color photos, and published by Abrams, world renowned for high quality pop culture books. Vans is rolling out lots of bonus content and book info all of which can be tracked at


Good times were held on the road to Norcal with Matix team riders Marc Johnson, Brandon Beibel, Jeron Wilson, Mike Mo Capaldi, Torey Pudwill, Mike Anderson, Marty Murawski and Danny Brady. Spending five days in San Francisco was ideal for these dudes, handling a Matix catalog shoot and some signings at DLX SF, Mainland Surf and Revolution skate shop in Rohnert Park. At the Revolution signing the team invited the kids to the Santa Rosa skate park for an afternoon of BBQ'in, skating and playing a little football. Biebel, MJ and a couple of random skate-park kids went up against Mo, Jeron and more park kids for a pretty comedic nerf-ball battle. MJ definitely took MVP during that game, even throwing a solid reception to Jeron mid-game. Only problem here was Jeron wasn't on MJ's team. So while those dudes played football, Torey, Mike Anderson and Marty skated the park, grilled some dogs and kicked it with the kids.

When the team moved to Sacramento, the weather got a bit heated (100 degrees, to be exact). Naturally the pool party started at 11 am, ended around 4 pm, then the filming missions began. The Skateboard Mag article should be looking tight in a few months, with almost every rider getting a trick for the article. Sacto shop Ground Zero did it big with a private sushi-and-beer fest before the signing, keeping the dudes well-fed and beered-up for the last signing of the tour. Big thanks to all the shops involved  DLX SF, Mainland, Revolution and Ground Zero for their support on this trip and to our Norcal reps Todd and Josh, our homies at "916" for handing out birthday cake and some hella' tight brownies, and FTC for the lift. One final shout-out goes to all the kids who showed up to our signings and hung out with the team. Enjoy the few photos below from the tour, and be sure to Click here for more photos.