Saturday, October 18, 2008



Volcom "Arcadia" Jacket"
I know that we're all broke right now and that the economy has gone and taken a big, steamy dump on every American in existence at the moment. However, the weather is making its way towards the cold category, and despite what luxuries you may be sacrificing during these trying times, you still need to stay warm. And if you're gonna drop some cash someplace for some winter gear, why not put it back into the industry that supports your habit...skateboarding. With a compelling ad campaign that's innovative as f*ck and the all-star team of skaters who appear within those print advertisements, it's easy to lose sight of the mere fact that Volcom makes clothing. Yep, they're a clothing brand eveyrone. And hell, in my opinion they're one of the best clothing brands out there, making gear that fits good and looks super good. Two jackets that I'm faithfully backing for my long winter days ahead as a New Yorker are, the Arcadia and the Broseph Von Sickter models.

The Arcadia is a super heavy-duty Army-style, cold punching monster of a coat with a whopping seven pockets. That's plenty of room to hold your chapstick and those Superman Freezy Freakies of yours when the indoors come calling. It also has a warm padding in the body and a removable, elastic drawstring hood. You're psyched.


"Broseph Von Sickter" Coat
The Broseph is a buttery, Parka-style jacket that's available in both black and white plaid (shown). It's real warm without weighing you down and features five pockets all around for carrying, stashing and burying those cold nubs. Plus there's a removable faux fur jammy around the hood that lets the ladies know you're a compassionate fella. Who's coming up on that adorable trim? That someone could be you. -Jay Riggio


Pleasant surprises amongst bills, bank statements and debt collectors is a rarity when it comes to the daily delivery of mail. But yesterday, a special drop-ff came my way in the form of a freshly shrink wrapped bundle of goodness, courtesy of Girl Skateboards. It was the much anticipated Girl/Antihero Northwest Tour DVD, Beauty & The Beast. Unless you've been in a coma for the earlier part of 2008, you know all about the joint tour between these two very different teams, Girl and Antihero. This collaboration amongst friends and skate colleagues was brilliant really. Antihero has long since had a solid reputation for being a team of beer guzzling, transition shralping, not showering maniacs, both on and off their skateboards. Girl, on the other hand, has a much cleaner reputation. I mean for the most part, six packs aren't consumed during daily skate missions and everyone on their team is well washed and presentable at the beginning and end of the day.


Rick McCrank. Lien Backside Grab In The Corner
What's unique about Beauty & The Beast is that it's essentially two videos rolled into one, depicting the visual perspectives of both Girl and Antihero teams. The video is broken up into three sections. You've got the "Beast Edit," which is Anthero's cut of the tour, the "Beauty Edit," which is Girl's own edit and last but not least, the "Retard Edit," which is a collection of drunken debauchery and good times throughout the trip.

Antihero's Beast Edit features the same gritty goodness we've all grown to love from Antihero, with the exception of some polished "Chunk" and Mia Farrow CGI graphics. Drunken antics, amazing skating, lady on man dance floor grinding and the lyrical stylings of MC Dirt Nasty is how things start off. The skating is top notch, including everyone on tour. One section of the video features a full-on carve race (complete with pinned entry numbers on each dudes back) while pumping around an insane bowled-out cement park that looks to be in the middle of nowhere. Cardiel, Alex Olson, Brian Anderson, Tony Miorana, Frank Gerwer, Carroll, Koston, Rick Howard, McCrank, Tony T, Robbie Russo and more. It's like watching a home video outing for the day featuring some of your favorite skaters. Courtesy Girl/Antihero

Andrew Allen and Mike Carroll Flaunt There Wizard Staffs In The Woods (Wizard Country)
There's also a death metal infused montage of some of the burliest cement parks around, including Burnside. There's camping, stacking of beer can wizard staffs and tons of shredding. Peter Hewitt is a maniac and public park MVP definitely goes to Rick McCrank, who absolutely destroys it all throughout this video. The best part of this edit comes after the credits with a session on a bump to sidewalk gap that gets wrecked by pretty much everyone.

Girl's edit is more polished as you would have expected and like before, it's a montage style of both teams skating, but with mostly new tricks.Courtesy Girl/Antihero

BA And Cardiel Feed A Seagull Up Top While Max Schaaf Tailgrabs Down Below
Even if it's the same trick from the previous edit, it comes in the form of a different angle, which keeps things fresh after the first edit. Little Robbie Russo is amazing, McCrank still kills, Tony Trujillo has more board control than anybody in the world, Mike Carroll still has the best Japan Grabs around, Rick Howard is still in his prime and Julian Stranger continues to exhibit one of the best styles in skateboarding.

Included with the DVD is a 30 page glossy photo booklet featuring some of the highlights of the tour (the pics here are from the booklet), spiced up by Julian Stranger's hand writing, made famous by every Antihero ever made.

All in all, this video documents a bunch of skaters and friends who are simply having a good time all around. Pick this one up at your local shop and get reminded why skating is still fun as hell. -Jay Riggio