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Element's Chad Tim Tim talks skate career, injuries and family life.Tags: Actionsports, Skateboard

Brian Gaberman Courtesy of Element
Tim Tim boosts a wallride from the hip while his shadow tries to catch up.
Chad Tim Tim is one of those pros roundly respected by his peers for being a genuine nice guy and flat out amazing on a skateboard. Apart from those accolades, he's somewhat elusive, though. Raising a family and living a humble life in Long Beach, Calif., Tim Tim doesn't seek out the spotlight; he usually let's his skating do the talking. But, with grips of footage logged and plenty more to come, we figured it the perfect moment for a Chad Tim Tim Face Time. Feature »

Chad Tim Tim's knowledge and love for skating is deep.Through years on board of ups and downs with sponsors, injuries, video parts and more, Tim Tim has put in work. Now, with backing from Element, he's able to take care of his family doing exactly what he's supposed to be doing: skateboarding.
Once you've spent some time with the videos, check out some lists of Tim Tim's favorite things.

7 Earl
10 Favorite skate video parts
10. John Cardiel in "Sight Unseen"
9. Matt Reason's "411 Profile"
8. Dan Drehobl in "Free Your Mind"
7. Marc Johnson in "Modus Operandi"
6. Jason Dill in "Photosynthesis"
5. Kenny Anderson in "Hot Chocolate"
4. Danny Montoya and Rob G's old "411 Profiles"
3. Anthony Van Engelen in "Mind Field"
2. Mike Carroll in "Modus Operandi"
1. Guy Mariano in "Mouse"

9 Tricks to try in SKATE
1. Frontside shove-it
2. Bigspin
3. 360 flip
4. Kickflip 5. Switch frontside shove-it
6. Nollie heelflip
7. Switch heelflip
8. Fakie 360 flip
9. Fakie bigspin

John BradfordThe man himself.

8 Best skaters from Long Beach, Calif.
1. Ron Chatman
2. Rich Colwell
3. Caesar Singh
4. Scott Kane
5. Darrell Stanton
6. Steffan Attardo
7. Justin Reynolds
8. Rob Gonzales and Danny Montoya

7 Bands/Musicians to get hyped
1. Hillsong United
2. Worship band at The Garden
3. Bob Dylan
4. Elliott Smith
5. Jeff Tweedy
6. Sea and Cake
7 Early to mid-'90s hip hop
Brian Gaberman Courtesy of ElementTim Tim dips a proper switch back Smith and takes it all the way to the parking lot.

6 Favorite places traveled
1. Australia: I love people there and the weather is nice!
2. Barcelona: Who doesn't like this place? Good food, people and skate spots.
3. New York: I love the feel of just walking around Manhattan. Lots of food too.
4. Hawaii: My family is from Kauai. I wish I could spend more time there.
5. Tokyo: The hustle and bustle there is fun. I could go in debt just buying Knick-knacks!
6. China: good people and the foods not bad!

5 Things to read
1. The Book of John from The Bible
2. Genesis from The Bible
3. Into Thin Air by John Krakauer
4. The Giver by Lois Lowry
5. The Jesus of Suburbia by Mike Erre

4 Skate essentials
1. Skateboard
2. Water
3. Food
4. Prayer

John BradfordChad locks in on a 180 nosegrind across a high Long Beach ledge.

3 Can't live withouts
1. Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit
2. My wife and daughter
3.. Family and friends

2 Other people with double last names
1. Other Tim Tims
2. You tell me! (Ed. Archbishop Desmond Tutu)

1 Funny thing heard or seen recently
1. My daughter is hilarious. Every day is a new adventure and every day she makes me laugh.
Brian Gaberman Courtesy of ElementTim Tim boosts a wallride from the hip while his shadow tries to catch up.

Thunder’s got a new video and contest up today with Alex Perelson. First check out his new video Alex Knows Madonnas and then pick your favorite shot for a chance to win one of six sets of Thunder 149 lights.


Over at the Stick It Blog, our own Dave Chami got interviewed. Read some insightful words and peep some unseen gems from our master lensman.
Dane Burman, switch ollie.

No longer is the Palace Skateboards site just a backdrop of stars in the nights sky. They put up a short promo There Is Nothing Else with team, product and contact pages. The promo’s a departure from the grime-laden videos of Palace’s past, but filled with rad skating from Charlie Young, Olly Todd and Lucien Clarke. Click on the image below to see the newest kid on the English skate scene. Pretty trippy.


The Deluxe crew took a day trip out to St. Helena, California to sesh its new park. Check Ishod Wair, Justin Brock, Peter Ramondetta, T-mo, Sean Gutierrez , Pat McClain and more in an extra long and very ripping edit.



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SpitFire Wheels

Thunder Trucks Instock Now!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Original skateboard is coming to the store soon!!!!


AND NEW WHEELS COMING : 3dm,retro Big Zig and Zig zag and many more. WILL UPDATE THE BLOG WHEN IT'S IN....ENJOY!!!!

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Zoo York Night Series

Zoo York (Sky High series)

SGD95 with grip

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Interstate Boardshop Got a DEATHWISH

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Long Board Trucks

True Longboard Control

Original longboards and trucks were designed with one thing in mind: Control. Control over your speed and control over your direction, the control you need for longboarding progression. Original longboard trucks deliver the control your longboarding has been looking for.

Weave in and out of pedestrians on the city sidewalk, pop off the curb and carve out that long downhill before zigging back onto the sidewalk to avoid on-coming traffic. Can’t get to the mountains? The control Original trucks give you can turn any slightly sloping bridge, parking garage, tennis court or flat neighborhood street into a carving longboarder’s paradise. Pump for speed and rip carves powered by longboard trucks that give you what you have always wanted. Whether you are in the city, on the flats or riding big mountain hills too steep to bomb, Control is the key.

Quick changes of direction are essential, but in longboarding control over your speed is what really makes Original special. Speed control by carving allows beginners to learn how to longboard at their own pace, while allowing advanced riders to kill it on the big stuff. Control your speed by carving, learn how to footbreak, add a pair of slide gloves and you are ready to take on just about anything. Original longboards and trucks deliver all the speed control you could want, carve out your turns and practice your balance while keeping your speed in check.

Don’t get speed wobbles! With the confidence that comes from knowing you can slow your longboard down before you get going too fast, beginners will learn how to longboard faster and experienced riders will progress more quickly.

Take control of your speed and take control of the future of your longboarding; Original Trucks will show you the way.

Original Trucks In Action.

Our trucks carve like nothing else, for proof, look no further than our "Go Longboard" video. Every longboard in this video is riding on a pair of Original longboard trucks, no exceptions. "See the difference in our deck construction and in our patented carving trucks. Watch the difference in our videos. Then ride an Original yourself and feel the difference true control can make in your longboarding."

Which Original Trucks Are You?

By using a patented single spring resistance mechanism Original longboard trucks produce a unique, powerful, carving ride that is found no-where else. Since they ride very differently from a traditional longboard truck, it is important to be sure you are picking the right Original truck for your board. We are commited to making sure each of our riders has the best possible experience on our longboard trucks.

Watch our videos, look for what you like and learn more about Original longboard trucks.

Original S6 (150mm)
Original S6 Longboard trucks are quick as lightning for the ultra tight turns you have always wanted, but never thought possible on a conventional longboard skateboard. Beginners who are working on the fundementals should take a look at the S6es to get their carves dialed on the flats or small hills before they take their longboarding to the next step on the big stuff.

Original S8 (200mm)
Original S8 Longboard trucks are the mainstay of our truck line. For hills and most terrain other than flat, the S8 200mm trucks will out-perform the S6 trucks and give the rider more confidence at speed. Longboarders switching from traditional bushing based longboard truck designs (Randal, Paris etc) should aim for the S8s, and probably heavier tension springs (red for the win), to rip right off the bat, to heck with the transition.

Original S10 (250mm)
Original S10 longboard trucks pack the carving power you need to take out the biggest hills in the world. As a bigger guy, or a little guy facing big terrain, the S10s will carry your carves and give you the skateboard confidence you need to take it to the big stuff. No other longboard truck sports such a wide hanger along with such a tight turning radius, feel the differnce the worlds widest carving trucks can make to your longboarding.

Original trucks are some of the strongest, most reliable, longboard trucks on the market. For that reason we have no problem backing them up 100% for 6 months on breakage and defects. Beyond that, Original goes the extra mile for it's longboard riders with Lifetime Mech-Support. If you EVER have a question or a problem with your trucks we are just a phone call, or an email, away, ready to answer your questions and give you the knowledge you need for longboarding progression. No worries, we have got your back, no matter where your longboard takes you.

Longboarding sliding gloves Cheap:How to....


Lil’ Baby Greg Myers popped up seven years ago now—although it sounds weird to hear it—in the DC Video, so it must feel good for DC to see him grow into a young man who can still shred the shit out of the stuntwood. See the grown beast kill it in his new Skateboarding Is Forever part, which premiered last night. Doesn’t hurt that he skated to Nihilist. Those dudes rip.

DC announces the DC Tonik Drink Up Tour. Josh Kalis, Nick Dompierre, PJ Ladd, Ryan Smith, Lindsey Robertson, Wes Kremer, Matt Miller and Evan Smith will be touring Nor Cal between Feb 27 – March 7. At each stop DC will be giving out product, sign autographs, skating and giving away a limited number of DC’s new shoe – Tonik S. So mark it on your calendars, bring your board and skate with DC Team Riders.

At THE V1 GALLERY (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Gravis Footwear is pleased to announce the final chapter in the Thomas Campbell Exhibition, UMMMM with the release of the video, ON THE ROAD TO UMMMM.
The video is a time lapsed sequence of Campbell, shot on location in his Bonny Doon, California studio and in Europe. It gives a behind-the-scenes preview of Thomas working on “stuff” for 3 months or so… in preparation of the Ummm, exhibit which was held in Copenhagen, Denmark at the V1 Gallery, late October 2009.
On the Road to Ummmm, gives an insider view of Thomas’s many artistic talents; painting, sewing, woodwork, silk-screening, bronze casting, doodling and um…more painting.  But it’s not all work for Campbell, a quick stop-over in the south of France, revives this self-proclaimed stuff maker’s skills before he says “au revoir,” and onto his exhibit in Denmark.
Watch for the first collaboration; The Yar bag launching in Fall/Winter 2010.
On the Road to Ummm, was directed, produced, shot and edited by Alex Kopps, a friend and fellow artist of Campbell’s.

The Deluxe crew took a day trip out to St. Helena, California to sesh its new park. Check Ishod Wair, Justin Brock, Peter Ramondetta, T-mo, Sean Gutierrez , Pat McClain and more in an extra long and very ripping edit.