Friday, June 6, 2008


We gave you a heads up about Alien Workshop abducting pro-vet Arto Saari to their already jaw-droppin’ team, now here’s a peek at his official “Abduction” Pro Model Deck. It comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large–simple enough. The neon pink medium version is pictured above [7.75" x 31.75"]. Of course these decks feature the extra-terrestrial classic art that only Alien can pull off–never gets old. See the neon yellow small [7.5" x 31.5"] and grey large [8.125" x 31.75"] decks after the jump. Available now at your local shop.
June 5, 2008, 10:12 PM

Girl Skateboards
Olson, Mike Mo & Malto Get BoardsSo you already know this news, but now that the boards are out, you know this sh*t is official. Alex Olson, Mike Mo and Sean Malto all have signature boards from Girl. Gotta love Alex's tribute graphic to his dad's old Santa Cruz model. Now's probably a good time to note that this is the first time in skateboard history that an offspring has followed in the footsteps of their fathers pro skate career. Who's next? Chris Miller's son, Zach Miller? Big almighty Tony Hawk's little one, Riley Hawk? Only time will tell.

Powell Skateboards
The Press Release Always Confirms. Dallas Rockvam Rides For PowellIn other news you already new, it was officially announced today that Dallas Rockvam is on Powell Skateboards. Over the past couple of years there has been noticeable changes with Powell Skateboards and now it seems that the team is thoroughly being rebuilt. Right now, Powell pros are Steve Caballero and Danny Wainwright. And the am line-up is headed by Jordan Hoffart, John White, Josh Hawkins, Derek Elmendorf and newest additions, Aldrin Garcia, Ben Hatchell and now Dallas Rockvam. At the moment the team is skating harder than ever to finish up work on Powell's upcoming video, FUN!

Ambiguous Clothing
Ladies & Gentlemen, Mr. Randy Watson! I mean, Peter Watkins!Black Label ripper Peter Watkins has left his long-time clothing sponsor, Innes to ride for the slowly, but steadily evolving team at Ambiguous Clothing. Watkins joins Ragdoll, Braydon Szafranski, Matt Ball, Jeff Lenoce, Sam Baptista and ams Danny Scher, Paul Flores, Alex Schmidt, Sumio Date, Chris Gregson and Phillip "Pip" Morano.

T-Mobile Sidekick
Tony Hawk's Signature SidekickAnd just when you thought for sure that every type of product in the world had been graced with a pro's signature, T-Mobile Sidekick has just stepped things up a notch. T-Mobile has just announced a partnership with none other than Tony Hawk. Tony will be creating a limited edition T-Mobile Sidekick LX. Listen to what this silly press release has to say... "Tony puts his personal design on the iconic device by giving it a true skateboard look. The bottom cover of the device is outfitted to resemble and feel just like the top of a skateboard, including a texture like grip-tape and eight simulated screws. The limited-edition Sidekick also features a slate-grey shell, accented with blue and white designs, and Tony's well-known hawk graphic. A customized Tony Hawk theme will be included on the device featuring an exclusive video of Tony performing tricks, a Tony-inspired background, and skate-themed swivel screen open and close sounds." Oooooh! A phone with a true skateboard look? Lame. T-Mobile should put their time and energy into things like decent phone service instead of trying to delve into things that they simply do not understand. With that, here's what Tony had to say."I've been a loyal Sidekick user since the first model that launched back in 2002; I use my Sidekick for everything from staying connected to friends to keeping my hectic schedule on track. I'm excited to be collaborating with T-Mobile to create a brand new, custom Sidekick LX that will represent action sports, as well as my own style." Anyway, before you get the impression that I'm hating on Tony Hawk, let me assure you that I'm not. I'm only hating on T-Mobile because they're wack. I like Tony a lot actually. Check this interview I did with him a while back for Huck, a London-based magazine. He had some really great things to say.
Whatever, whatever. Here's a trailer for Mr. Hawk's Am team in Birdhouse's newest flick. Wait, you can count "Figgy" out. He's on Baker now