Thursday, October 23, 2008


Singapore to have International Standard Skatepark at
East Coast

1. MCYS and NParks today unveiled the concept design for the brand new
Skatepark at East Coast Park. Incorporating a beach front setting, this will
be Singapore’s first international standard Skatepark to cater to extreme
sports enthusiasts.
2. The Skatepark development, including the main active spaces and
surrounding amenities and viewing features, is estimated to cost $6mil
Features to Suit Different Users
3. The new Skatepark will feature a Plaza Section1, a Park Section2, and a
Bowl area3, and the three sections will merge seamlessly to form a larger
course that would enable our extreme skateboarders, inline skaters and
BMX bikers to hone their skills and practise their routines for recreation
and competition. The course is about 3,000m2 in area, the size of 2½
Olympic-sized swimming pools, and both beginners and professionals will
be able to enjoy the Skatepark and find features that suit their skill levels.
4. The Skatepark will also be enhanced by surrounding features such as a
café with decking and spectator seating areas for both daily viewing as
well as major competitions.
Consultation with Extreme Sports Enthusiasts
5. The Skatepark has been designed with extensive consultation with local
extreme sports gurus and enthusiasts. Mr Teo Ser Luck, Parliamentary
Secretary of MCYS emphasised the importance of involving the youth in
the design of the Skatepark. He said, “We want to build a facility that youth
would be proud to call their own, and to use over and over again. We are
taking a consultative and inclusive approach in building this international
standard Skatepark.”
6. To create a top class facility that will draw both local enthusiasts and
international professional athletes, CONVIC Design, a professional
skatepark design firm, has been chosen. The Australian firm specialises in
designing concrete skateparks, and their portfolio includes Australia’s
three largest parks and the world’s largest skatepark in Shanghai,
completed in 2005.
Enhancing Recreational Facilities at East Coast Park
7. Mr Ng Lang, CEO of NParks, is excited about this new development at the
East Coast Park: “Our aim is to cater to the widest possible range of
lifestyle and recreational activities in our parks. Whether you are looking
for a quiet corner or high-energy buzz, we hope to have a place for you in
our parks. This latest addition will be a stunning facility with the sea as a
backdrop, and will cater to a growing group of extreme sports enthusiasts.
Located close to other sporting facilities such as cable skiing, windsurfing
and beginners’ inline skating, it will help establish a sports cluster at East
Coast Park and will add vibrancy this high-energy part of the park.”
8. The Skatepark has been designed to maximise interaction with its coastal
setting, and the café and seating areas have been configured to provide
spectators a view of the daredevil stunts set against the backdrop of the
sea. The Skatepark itself successfully meets the needs of local users with
an exciting mix of park, bowl and street elements whilst at the same time
offering a number of major unique bowls and feature plaza spaces that will
attract international interest.

1 The Plaza Section contains a mix of real street obstacles, including various stairs, rails, ledges & hubbas.
There is a real mix of heights to enable progression and cater for various abilities.
2 The Park Section is designed to maximize flow and lines. With a mix of hips, extensions, jump boxes and
pyramids, this section covers all the park requirements for both day to day and competition use.
3 The Bowl area includes a number of linked feature bowls which create a major transition zone that will
attract significant international interest.



He was flow for Toy Machine at the time. He even had a secret nugget part in Suffer the Joy. But, when I asked, he looked at me with trepidation and said something to the effect of, "I don't know. I really like Denver and all my friends are there. I would rather try to make a scene there."

I think we both knew that it would be really hard to get noticed, but it was fair enough—stay where you're happy, near friends. Nowadays, it seems like it might be possible. With Ernie Torres making it his official home and Denver locs David Reyes and Angel Ramirez on the come-up, the scene there is looking like a blast. It's becoming one of those inland meccas, like Raleigh or Arizona.

This park footage from Adio's Lazy Fall Afternoon makes it seem even more interesting to visit.—Josh Brooks

Ok, so Halloween is creeping up on us all real quick. Now, remember I told you about the Halloween Hellraiser Skateboard Showdown on Manhattan's Open Road Rooftop? No, huh? It's ok, I'll tell you again. They'll be 3 G's on the line for best trick, a $100 prize for best costume, tons of giveaways and more. And oh yeah, it will all go down on Saturday, Novemeber 1st. Now if this event flyer wasn't enough to get you psyched to come out and skate, then perhaps this video clip will provide just the right amount of stoke to get you amped. Can you guess who this high altitude ripping, slow-motion backflipping, ninja is? Either way, be afraid, be very afraid. Cause sh*t's about to pop off! Blaww!!-Jay Riggio

Rise With The Falla

Rockstar Bearings

Danny Falla, Midtown Manhattan Backside Flip
It's no secret that New York City is a land, jam-packed with many distractions. Top notch bars, the most beautiful women in the world, 24 hour diners, Sicilian slices and giant dancing men in Panda suits. Just kidding, there's no men in Panda suits, but you catch my drift. It's a spot that many view as a getaway, and for that reason alone, pros come from all over the world to smoke, drink, stay up late and do all sorts of naughty no-no's. For the most part that means not skating. It's difficult to escape these motivational dangers, even if one is from this very city. If you really want to come up in this West Coast dominated skate game, you've got to work extra hard to get coverage and prove that you can straight-up hang with the big dogs. Queens native, Danny Falla has done just that over the recent years, filming creative parts, nailing down coverage and above, making a name for himself. Finally, all of his hard work has paid off gloriously, as his longtime sponsor 5boro Skateboards, has given him a well-deserved pro model.

To celebrate their newest pro, 5boro has released the little "Welcome To The Team" promo, featuring a longer part from Danny. Click and see why Danny is now getting paid. -Jay Riggio