Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Whatever makes me happy and sets you free…Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize you were there. I was too busy blogging. Antihero hasn't been busy blogging, that's for sure. Don't they know what the kids crave? They crave blogging. They're probably too busy actually traveling around with Girl, making videos (Beauty and the Beast) or graffitiing walls (Get a job!). What little they have kept up on is on their Antihero blog. They should put up more posts. The kids love it.

Alien Lapse

Alien Workshop
I think a lot of people get frustrated when they go to an internet site and they haven't updated the page with new stuff in a while. Most internet surfers get quite flustered about it, in fact, which seems to be an indication of the lack of interesting real-life events in their own life. But, to be fair, I think we all understand that feeling of checking a site and hoping to see something new. Alien's site, for example, has had few postings over the past weeks. I've been checking it frequently. And, even though they updated it recently with some pics of them putting the finishing touches on their upcoming video Mind Field, I kind of wanted more. But, then again, I don't really care, either. I can find something to do in the mean time (like getting my stomach ready for Thanksgiving). I mean, Alien videos are some of the most original and epic there are…as long as they deliver, I can wait.Still, stay tuned for updates.

"Hi (insert Element TM's name here), we're thinking of taking a roadtrip to Halifax. Do you think you could send us over a semi full of skateboards? Oh, you can? Cool. Thanks man."
When I watch this video of some of Element's Canadian associates, I think 1) there are so many good skateboarders in the world (and there are more and more as the world turns) and 2) how can the TM deal with all these dudes? I mean, does Element have a whole other team of TMs that handle all of the guys that are skating for them? Do they have a whole wing of the warehouse devoted to sending out boxes of boards and gear? I don't know their TM at all. Is he some sort of superhuman? Geez. Try not to think about it.


Arto Saari Signature Jean
With the economy being in a drastic state of absolute panda sh*t and all, it makes perfect sense for everyone to be shopping for good deals almost exclusively. If you didn't already know, this Friday marks another installment of Black Friday. No, no, no...silly, Black Friday isn't a Norwegian Black Metal band, it's the day after Thanksgiving where consumerism rages on within us all. As retailers mark down prices for this apocalyptic day of rampant spending and grappling over inventory, shoppers around the U.S. line up in the early morning hours to get a stronghold of discounted merchandise.

And if you weren't certain of it, skateshops fall into this category of retail, people. Yep, they too will be selling new skate stuff at unbeatable prices on Black Friday.

One brand that I'll be on the look out for this Friday is, Analog. Not only do they have an insanely talented skate team, including Arto, Reider, Janoski and Salazar, the gear they've been producing as of late has been super solid. And their newest line of signature denims are probably the best example of this.


Stefan Janoski's Signature Denim
Arto Saari's signature Analog Jeans are my favorite at the moment. They feature a nice, snug fit without being too tight (a 17 inch leg opening) and are made of 99.5% cotton/.5% spandex. Bend your knees while throwing down a sag if you want. It's ok. They have a button-fly, cell phone pocket and come in a dark blue wash that fades nicely after a few washes (my dog pissed on my lap the second day of wearing them).

Another denim I'm backing is Stefan Janoski's signature jean. It comes in a slightly baggier fit, with an 18 inch leg opening. Still featuring the 99.5% cotton/.5% spandex stretchability, they too feature a button-fly and dark blue rinse that get better with each run through the dryer.

This Friday, be on the lookout for these and other Analog selections at your local, skater-owned skateshop. Give these bastards as a gift or wear'em yourself. Either way, you're coming up on a win. Support your local skateshop. Support skateboarding. And most importantly, wear pants. It's the right thing to do.
Danny Way Injured In Brazil

Way Breaks Two Vertebrae During A Mega Ramp Warm Up

DC Skateboarding

While taking some practice runs for the Oi! Mega Ramp Contest in San Paulo, Brazil, Danny Way took a gruesome slam that has left him seriously injured. Though Danny is expected to make a full recovery, it's been reported that he will be out for at least 6 months with two broken vertebrae. Below is footage of the very hard-to-watch Mega Ramp slam, documented by a Brazilian TV station.

Danny Way has a broken bone count that could rival Evel Knievel's, so I think it's safe to say that this slam will go down as just another minor setback for Way and his gnary as hell agenda. Stay up, Danny and get well soon.