Sunday, November 9, 2008


It's official...The skate king of the THUG NIGHTIE/GHETTO GOWN himself, has teamed up with the Sactramento Kings. Girl Pro, Brandon Biebel, aka "The Sactown King" has joined forces with the Sacramento Kings to produce a very special Brandon Biebel Kings jersey. Brandon's a Sacto local, a diehard Kings fan, is down with the Maloof Brothers (owners of the team) and when not nollie flipping out of nosegrinds, can be found dunking basketballs on the regs (yeah, dude can dunk). The Brandon Biebel Kings jersey is available for $54 bucks at the Sacremento Team Store.

It looks like Mike V. may have set something off with his recent partnership with the Anaheim Ducks. If it's extracurricular interest that's spawning these collaborations outside the realm of skateboarding, then I'm claiming next to come is, the Dan Drehobl, Marboro Red Signature Collabo Box. Can I get a witness?!

Thunder Trucks

Front Board, 270 Nollie Heel Out. MJ Keeps Creativity In Skateboarding From Falling Completely Off. ill is Marc Johnson? Did you see his newest Thunder Ad? Yep, that's a frontside boardslide, nollie 270 heelflip out. When's the last time you saw one of those go down? How about, never. I know MJ got Skater Of The Year last year (2007), but is it possible to give it to him again? I'm asking a lot of questions I know, but you can handle it. What I'm getting at here is, Marc Johnson has been pro since the mid-90's and continues to push skateboarding beyond everyone's expectations. Check out Marc's part from an old 411. There's a strobe light, a hoola hoop, some Stereolab, a few burly rails and a sh*tload of buttery techness thrown in for very good measure. Sick back and just think, "He was this good back in '97, imagine just how good he actually is now?" Yeah, dude is that good.

And while you're lazy and into having moving images stimulate your brain, check out Marc speak in the second installment of Epicly Later'd's Lakai Episode.

Ice Cream

TK Salutes His Former Employer
While many rappers are quick to claim skateboarding as their own, there aren't many that can back up their claims. Remember that controversy about Pharrell a little while back when he started calling himself "Skateboard P?" Many were hating and the words "Pharrell Can't Skate" soon the phrase was as prominent as the eye peircing colors schemes of the Ice Cream footwear line. Under Pharrell's wing at the time, riding for Ice Cream, Terry Kennedy was quick to back his boss while countering the widespread claim of "Skateboard P's" inadequacy on a board.

Now, off Ice Cream and on Supra, TK has as most know, entered the rap game, just like MC JR, AKA Jereme Rogers. While for some, Terry's lyrical potency may be debatable, his skills atop a skateboard are a sure-ass thing. And to make certain there was no confusion on the matter, Terry mixed some footage of his venemous studio spitting, alongside some of his own skating for his newest Fly Society track, "Swagga Like Us." For more skating from TK and his boys P-Rod & JR, visit