Thursday, December 4, 2008


Yesterday, Santa Cruz, California-based NHS announced Flip Skateboards as its latest brand. Read on for the official press release.

Santa Cruz, Calif. (Dec 1, 2008)—NHS, one of skateboarding’s largest and most successful manufacturer/distributors, is proud to welcome Flip Skateboards to its brand roster. NHS will utilize its global sales and distribution reach to realize Flip’s full potential as a dominant skateboard brand.

Bob Denike, President and CEO of NHS had this to say, “The addition of Flip strengthens our position to be the #1 skateboard supplier in the industry. The NHS strategy is simple; strong brands across all categories, innovative product development and working with the best pro skaters; past, present, and future. The Flip brand together with the global Flip team are a powerful and welcome addition to NHS. And frankly, it’s about f*#king time!”

Jeremy Fox, CEO of Flip states, “This move makes perfect sense for the Flip brand as well as for NHS as our new distribution partner, and we feel that there is great synergy in terms of direction and commitment between the two companies.” Per Welinder, one of the original owners of Flip Skateboards Inc., and the CEO of Blitz Distribution states that “This deal will allow Blitz to focus on Baker Skateboards, Fury Trucks, Birdhouse Skateboards, Sk8Mafia, Hook-Up’s and JSLV Clothing. Furthermore, this will allow Blitz more time and effort to flow into developing new brands.”

Geoff Rowley, Pro Skater, co-owner says “This move makes perfect sense for the Flip brand as well as for NHS as our new distribution partner, and we feel that there is great synergy between the two companies both in terms of business direction and commitment to skateboarding.”

Nothing much to say here except for the fact that this sh*t is f*&king off the hook! Some of the best skate shoes in the world will now feature imagery of one of the best bands in the entire world. That's right, fools...Vans has teamed up with Hardcore pioneers, Bad Brains to drop this very limited and very special collection. Scheduled to surface in Spring 2009, some of the stand-out pieces in this collection include a portrait Tee of the band, a T-shirt inspired by the cover of their classic self-titled album and pieces that pay respect the band's Rasta roots. The line will also include Vans' signature low's, high's and chukka's containing some select Bad Brains imagery. I'm amped.

Black Label
With the employment rate hitting all-time high's and the dollar resting at a value comparable to a corn-riddled log of puppy sh*t, acquiring new skate goods for the average skater is getting tougher by the day, especially when one's addiction tends to exceed their annual income. Luckily for all the strapped-for-cash skaters in and around the Costa Mesa area, Black Label Skateboards is having an enormous Holiday Sale this Friday, Dec. 5th. They'll be big discounts on Black Label and Emergency decks, wheels, Destructo Trucks and clothing. This thing will all be happening from 10AM-7PM and only CASH will be accepted. Leave those cards at home, suckas. Here's the location in full...