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Thursday gets emo on this last week of February, double G ten with a quasi psychedelic slow mo montage featuring Ben Gore, Cesar Fernandez, and saturated woodsman Clint Peterson. Take a couple deep breaths, an early lunch break, and realign your Chi with 1:30 of skate Zen now.

Thunder threw up a new video today. Check it out, Mark Appleyard knows frontside feebles.

Lil’ Baby Greg Myers popped up seven years ago now—although it sounds weird to hear it—in the DC Video, so it must feel good for DC to see him grow into a young man who can still shred the shit out of the stuntwood. See the grown beast kill it in his new Skateboarding Is Forever part, which premiered last night. Doesn’t hurt that he skated to Nihilist. Those dudes rip.

SKATE/explain is a new feature that takes shit in skateboarding and tries to explain whatever comes to mind, whether it’s an obvious skate-related question, something you might Wikipedia but don’t have the time, or a random tangential association that makes you wonder what the f—k it has to do with anything. But, we’ll keep it interesting, so pay attention, you might learn something. Or not…whatever.
First it was Olly Todd and then it was Lucien Clarke who left their big-named USA sponsors to go back to their London roots. Palace Skateboards, a board brand born out of a crew of skate rats that lived together in a few shitty skate houses, has recently grown in it’s ranks. Before it was a company, it was just a bunch of homies, the Palace Waywards, which included, among others, more notable members like Andrew Brophy, Chewy Cannon, Rory Milanes, Danny Brady, Nick Jensen, Benny Fairfax, Joey Pressey, Snowy, Charlie Young and Oliver Todd. As many of the aforementioned are on other companies, Palace is distinct from the Waywards, but borne of the same love of riding skateboards and, as they say, “attracting fit birds.”
But, with Lucien Clarke’s split from Element Europe and this clip on the Internet, I searched back into Palace Waywards’ janky videophone clips, like “Lucien Clarke” and “Lucien Clarke will always be featch” and, after watching the skating, wondered what that unintelligible and disjointed music was. I will admit that I enjoy some forms of this weird techno/rap/I-don’t-know-how-to-describe-it stuff. However, I’ve heard others twist their face up and vomit out, “Whatthef—kisthisshit?” whenever they get in ear-shot of the tunes.
Well, that shit is called grime, a type of music that first emerged out of Bow, East London in the early 2000s. It’s not for everyone, but it’s quite popular in England and abroad. You’d be hard pressed to find an Englishman who doesn’t know what it is, but for everyone else who’s never heard it before, it’s basically a mix of other musical genres like UK garage (not to be confused with Iggy and the Stooges garage rock, UK Garage is an electronic dance music with a percussive rhythm, shuffling hi-hats and beat-skipping kick drums), dance hall and hip hop. Some of the artists better known worldwide are Lady Sovereign (signed to Jay-Z’s Roc-A-Fella Records) and Dizzie Rascal and, for that reason, they’ve gone a little more pop.

Turns out, though, that the mind behind Palace skateboards, Lev Tanju, knows some of these grime artists from his friends over at, where Lev also has a reoccurring broadcast called the Palace Waywards Global Skateboarding News. If you’re so inclined, you can watch more Palace madness and learn more about the loveable lyrical gibberish and scratchy ruckus that is underground Grime…and see Lucien’s welcome video: Palace-Menace-Lucien.

Peep this link to the first episode of Tum Yeto’s pocket cam. Featuring Nick Trapasso, Dan Murphy, Corey Duffel, Leo Romero, David Reyes, Nick Merlino, Abdias Rivera & a few other Foundation & Toy Machine team riders.

A huge congrats goes out to JT Aultz and his wife Amanda on the birth of their baby girl Lucy!


New Skating Program for Paraplegics and Quadriplegics Launches in Venice, CA
Life Rolls On Introduces “They Will Skate Again”
Life Rolls On will launch its first “They Will Skate Again” event at the newly-opened Venice Skate park on Friday, Mar. 5 at 11 a.m.  A revolutionary skating program that is the first of its kind, They Will Skate Again empowers paraplegics and quadriplegics with the opportunity to skateboard adaptively.  Music provided by Power106 and an exciting professional skating demonstration will prepare participants and spectators for a spectacular day of skating.
Professional skater and industry pioneer of the Dogtown Z-Boys Jim Muir, Venice skating legend Jesse Martinez and Ezekiel team rider Derek Fukuhara will be among the skating instructors. Joining them will be actor and skateboarding enthusiast Scott Caan, along with his friends and local Venice skaters Steve Olson, Alex Olson and Scott Oster. Professional chair skaters Christiaan Bailey and Aaron Fotheringham will also make a special appearance and serve as guest coaches.  Fotheringham made history by successfully landing the first wheelchair back-flip. Bailey, who sustained a spinal cord injury as a result of a skating accident, currently serves as an ambassador for Life Rolls On (LRO).
Friday, March 5, 2010
11 a.m. – 2 p.m.
*Media check-in begins at 10:30 a.m.; event participation is closed, but spectators are welcome!
Venice Skate Park (1800 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA)

Bob “The Bullet” Biniak, original Z-Boy, passed away Thursday in Florida due to cardiac arrest. Glen E. Friedman shares some personal thoughts and classic photos of Bob on his site. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. We’ll be skating hard for Bullet this weekend.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Chris Cole has unarguably changed skateboarding over the past decade. The truth is, skateboarding wouldn’t be the same without him. When his part in In Bloom came out in 2002, we got one of our first glimpses into his rare combination of technical prowess and straight up gnarlitude that he continued with for the next… well… he’s still hasn’t stopped. Listen to how he remembers it eight years ago and where he sees our four wheels taking us next.
For more TransWorld video parts and interviews from our list of 10 Skaters Who Changed The Decade, click HERE.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Continuing with DC’s Skateboarding Is Forever video project, next in the line up—Greg Myers is having his part premiere this Thursday, February 25 at famed skater watering hole The Saloon in Encinitas, California. The evening will also include a performance by Nihilist and tunes by the LSDj’s. Previous SIF premieres: Marquise Henry & Matt Miller.

Scotty Ill of The Hundreds put Apollo Cutts on flow for The Hundreds a few years back so it seems fitting that on the first official In The Cutts trip to LA, it got down with The Hundreds for an episode. The Hundreds’ new headquarters has not really been filmed outside of their own in-house work so this is a bit of a rare look at the space that houses the brand that is currently kinging “California Culture.”

Cameron Sanchez’ new video, OVERdose is premiering this Thursday at the Del Mar Highlands Ultrastar. The video features: Spencer Nuzzi, Taylor Orman, Alex Pedroza, Taylor Shuffield, John Lupfer, Brian Gille, Paul Sewell, Chris Henry, and Skooter.

Brian Fick is having his first photo show Sunday March 7th in North Park, San Diego. Stop by if you’re in town.

David Clark joined the Zip Zinger videos today. Check out the new Krooked video with David Clark.

The latest in the “Proformance” series, Bucky Lasek skates and discusses Element’s Featherlight Helium Construction, the lightest and strongest skateboard made.


Premiere columnist makes the case for sports history

Guy on the left wants guy on the right to compete in the Summer Olympics. Know what that means?
Rick Reilly wants to see skateboarding in the Olympics. For skate readers who may not be familiar with other parts of, Reilly is an 11-time National Sports Writer of the Year who came to ESPN in 2008 after 23 years at Sports Illustrated. He waxes poetic on everything from Tiger Woods to Kobe Bryant. While Reilly doesn't often offer up opinions on skateboarding, he brought it up in his Go Fish column on Feb. 18, pointing out that if skateboarding were admitted into the Olympics, Shaun White (two-time Olympic Gold Medalist) would have a shot at being the first athlete in 78 years to win Olympic gold in Winter and Summer.
" ... (T)he IOC needs to get skateboarding into the Olympics right now. Shaun White could be the first athlete to win gold in the Summer and Winter Games since 1932. (American Eddie Eagan did it in boxing and bobsled that year.) Please?" Reilly implores.
Whether skateboarding should be an Olympic sport is a hotly contested issue among some of our tribe. Some see the recognition and legitimacy the Games would bring as a benefit to the sport and the industry. Others argue skateboarding and skateboarders have always gone their own way; that they don't need outside recognition for validation or support.
Reilly's plea doesn't stem from advocating for skateboarding or even for the Olympics for that matter. He's making the case for setting the stage for a potentially great moment in sports history. And when it comes to sports, history and memorable moments, the man knows his stuff.

Is the opportunity for Shaun White to make history by competing in Summer and Winter Games enough reason to put skateboarding in the Olympics?
Scott Johnston boosts an ollie in his pro days while sporting one of his signature pro mode shoes from Lakai.
Back in October, we brought you an exclusive interview with former Chocolate and Lakai pro, Scott Johnston. Johnston made the seamless transition from stylish pro skater to designing stylish pro skate shoes for Lakai. Today, Lakai announced that Johnston has done such a good job that he's been promoted to be the Footwear Design Director of the brand. Normally this type of news might be a little too insider-y for the blog. But if you saw "Fully Flared," you know Johnston is the man and it's cool to know that the future of Lakai is in the hands of a true skate O.G. Stereo's new hot fire, Josiah Gaitlyn has been racking up new sponsors right and left since making a splash on The Berrics last year. Gaitlyn is now the first am to be added to the growing Theeve trucks team. Gaitlyn joins Tony Hawk, Dan Murphy, Garret Hill, Matt Mumford, Johnny Layton, Gareth Stehr, Ben Raybourne and Chad Bartie on the growing team.
Ben KarpinskiFelipe Gustavo2 009 Damn Am contest in Costa Mesa.
Plan B has recruited Brazilian phenom Felipe Gustavo to officially join their am team. Felipe is welcomed to the squad with this mindblowing intro video:   


Converse adds new athletes


Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Words from Emerica Team Manager, Jeff Henderson:
“As a team manager, you have to keep a constant look out for up and coming skaters who will possibly one day be a member of the team. A while back Remy Stratton from Volcom told me that Collin Provost, a young buck at the time, wanted to ride for Emerica. I started flowing him shoes and took him on some trips. He was really young but you could tell he was a such natural. Over the years we saw Collin grow and become very powerful on a skateboard. An all terrain ripper, he has the skills to make everything look really easy. The Emerica team took notice of Collin stepping it up over the past couple of years. After sticking it out on flow and putting in some hard work he has earned himself a spot on the Emerica team. Congratulations Collin and welcome aboard! Here is a little taste of what to expect from Collin Provost in Stay Gold!”
Stay Gold the Emerica video is coming soon, but in the mean time take a gander at Colin’s two minute, yes two minute welcome video here: (Note: This is Colin’s Emerica Stay Gold throw away footy.)

CCS hooked up with team rider Arto Saari one Sunday morning to nab a photo for its newest ad and catalog cover.  Arto also talked a little bit about his new Gravis shoe, the Arto, online now in the CCS shop.
Check the videos.  Where’s the make of the backside flip you ask? Gravis has it right here.

Over the weekend, down under, 14-year-old phenom Pedro Barros charged his way to back to back Bowl a Rama victories in Wellington, New Zealand and Bondi Beach, Australia. Legend Steve Caballero also rolled smoothly to a three-peat in the 40 and over Masters division at the Vans Bowl a Rama down under in Bondi Beach, Australia. Full results & cash breakdown here. More words from Dave Duncan at the World Cup site here.
Photos by Chris Ortiz

  1. Pedro Barros
  2. Bucky Lasek
  3. Bob Burnquist
  4. Omar Hassan
  5. Rune Glifberg
  6. RJ Barbaro
  7. Jueren Horrwar
  8. Josh Borden
  9. Rion Linderman
  10. Renton Millar
  1. Steve caballero
  2. Pat Ngoho
  3. Mik Mulhall
  4. Glen Charnoski
  5. Lester Kasai
  6. Jeff Grosso
  7. John Grey
  8. Lance Mountain

Matt Miller breaks down his new Expedition ride, Indy trucks, Gold wheels and much more.
Filmed & edited by Chris Thiessen.

Check out Toy Machine’s Chile & Argentina Lost Reel featuring Billy Marks, Johnny Layton, Nick Trapasso, and more.

Catch the Habitat team later this month cruising through California from San Luis Obispo on down to SD.

Woodward Ambush, Amateur skate contests. April 30-May 2. All the info below or right here.

Continuing with DC’s Skateboarding Is Forever video project, next in the line up—Greg Myers is having his part premiere this Thursday, February 25 at famed skater watering hole The Saloon in Encinitas, California. The evening will also include a performance by Nihilist and tunes by the LSDj’s.
Previous SIF premieres: Marquise Henry & Matt Miller.

Our favorite shop in St. Petersburg, Florida, The Finest, is having a gang of events during the Tampa Pro weekend (March 11-13). Check out the fliers for the Osiris team signing (March 11), Blind team signing (March 10), Katch1 art show (March 13) and more below.

Real just put out a new board series complete with downloadable Realicons that can be used anywhere, plus a chance to win prizes from Real if you can make your own. Check em out, plus a new video with Huf and Dennis Busenitz.

Mike V’s got himself an iPhone videogame and it’s out now. You can play Mr. V himself in various eras of his career and even drive his Trans Am. And, as he said not too long ago in this interview, “there are over 40-some tricks, so gamers can skate how they want—they’re not just stuck doing bonelesses like me [laughs].” Go here to learn more on how to download the videogame.

By now you have all probably heard the shitty news about our friend Nathan’s passing last week from his long bout with cancer. On Friday there will be a celebration of his life through his photography at Antisocial.
Friday, February 26th, 2010 at 8 pm
Antisocial Skateshop/Gallery
2337 Main Street
Vancouver, BC
There will be drinks, a video, and the photographs will sell by silent auction with all proceeds going to his family. The show will continue to run for the following week.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010



Never did I ever imagined something I built for the sake of raising right & guide my kid brother will lead me to something this big. Some of U guys might have heard of us..

*PIC - A very very early pic of the CIRCUS OF MUTANTS 1987...Including my brother Adyll, cousins,the legendary late Rezal & brother Hafiz ( Stompin' Ground)...& Zul Othman ( SOULFIRE). Syed (Stompin Ground) & Medan (Downs Syndrome/4-Sides) joined later on

*background are the first few ramps that I fact there were only 3 or 4 of them in Spore at that time :)

CIRCUS OF MUTANTS was my baby...I created the Skateboard group back in late 1986 with the intentions of keepin my brother & his friends away from the scum of drugs & negativity of the east-side. Punk, Metal & Hardcore music was a big part of it..tho it was a sport,like every other skater we were notorious at so-called breaking the law in the places we skate..

I was working as a carpenter back then at Kallang Bowl & had access to power tools..a really big help to make ramps for them..ramps were really rare back then. Word of mouth spread like wildfire & kids from allover the island would come & pop-by just to checkout & try the ramps...& the rest is history

Local designer MARK ONG will launch his awesome CIRCUS OF MUTANTS line of DC products next month come March 13th. Me & some of the remaining original members of CIRCUS OF MUTANTS will be there too :)


How did this then lead into a project for DC?

Mark - The root of my craft has always revolved around skateboarding. It is something that stays in my blood. I was skating with Lucas from Gallery (Spore) one day & he talked about the old days 80s of skating in Spore. The conversation led up to skate crews in Spore & the name "Circus of Mutants" popped up. I thought it was a great story that had to be translated to a sneaker & so it came through.

Circus Of Mutants - what is this & what was the "Mutants" stamp on skateboarding scene in Spore?

Mark - It's based on a disbanded local skate team from the 1980s. The Circus Of Mutants (COM) consisted of a bunch of misfits of society. Each member's mutant-based nickname was derived from their individual skills. The COM was based on the east-side of the island & were known for their notorious presence. Even now we are still trying to trace the members so they cabn come together & tell more elaborate story to celebrate the release.

Why "The Fly" for the first project?

Mark - Lucas was the FLY & he was the one that brought it up


More products pics here -



Omar, Paul Rodriguez, Stefan Janoski, BA, Justin Brock, Grant Taylor, and more will be in Sacramento, California on Sunday, March 7th for a demo celebrating Omar’s Nike SB shoe at the B Street Skatepark. Check out the attached flyer for all the details.


DLX just threw up some video footage of the guys from Real, Antihero, and Krooked’s demo at Skatelab’s Rebirth over the weekend. Check out Busenitz, Brock, Ramondetta, Torgerson, Asselin, Wair, Peabody, Manderson, and Worrest hitting up the brand new park layout.
Skateboarding Pros Ride for a Cause at 4th Annual PacSun Clash at Clairemont
All Proceeds from event to benefit Mission Valley YMCA and Grind for Life
On Saturday, March 27 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PacSun will bring world class skateboarders and music to San Diego. Back again this year, Tony Hawk will be amazing the crowd at the 4th annual PacSun Clash at Clairemont. Held at the Krause Family Bike & Skate Park/Mission Valley YMCA in San Diego, attendees will have the opportunity to get a close up look of the pros on the vert ramps, concrete pool and street courses. All proceeds from the event will benefit the Mission Valley YMCA and Grind for Life, an organization that provides financial assistance to cancer patients and their families.  Admission is $10 at the door (kids 6 and under free) and includes food, demos, games, raffle tickets, entertainment and much more.
This year’s PacSun Clash at Clairemont event has numerous professional athletes performing their best tricks on every arena of the skate park. Pros will be on the 2006 X-Games Vert Ramp, at 100 feet long and 15 feet tall, the largest outdoor ramp on the West Coast; the mini ramps and street skate courses. Skateboarding professionals such as Tony Hawk, Andy Macdonald, Bucky Lasek, Pierre Luc Gagnon and more appear, along with many more at the day-long event. In addition to tons of great give-aways there will an autograph session and musical appearances; with Dave Duncan “The Voice of Skateboarding” as MC.
Mission Valley YMCA’s Krause Family Skate & Bike Park is located at 3401 Clairemont Drive. For more information about this event, go to


CCS just posted this video of Sierra’s Shoe Release party. Check it out.


newsHIT Interview: Daniel Espinoza Sleepwalks onto Lakai

It seemed like lil’ Daniel Espinoza rolled out of nowhere—from Fontana, California—to end up on Lakai. But, the kid skates like a champ and he’s hilarious, so it makes sense. It’s a little old, but I caught up with him just a few days after he got on, as he was waking up from a night of celebrating. Read on to learn more…
What’s up man?
You all right?
Yeaaaah! I just woke up at 5 a.m. this morning and I was walking to my car by myself, because I had cottonmouth. It was weird.

You were just sleepwalking this morning or what?

Yeah, until I realized I was a block away. I was just sitting in my car, smoking a cigarette with the window down…

…At 5 in the morning?


Where do you live?

So you still live out there?
Well, it sounds like it’s been a good week. I mean you got a spot with a pretty prestigious crew. So, how does it feel to be on the Lakai team?
Ahhh…amazing? [Laughs] I don’t know. SICK!
Seems like it would be pretty awesome to be on a team with guys like Carroll, Guy, Rick Howard, Biebel, Cairo, Welsh, Mike Mo, MJ and everyone else. Lots of legends on the team.
Yeah, I can’t believe it. I’m stoked.

(Clip Link)
How old are you then?
I’m 19.
So, did any of those dudes have an influence on your skating at all?
A lot of questions this early when you’re feeling hungover, huh?
Yeah, I have answers. It’s just taking me to think about it. MJ, Guy, Koston before he left—I’ve always loved how those guys skated. Ah…um…ahhh don’t know.

[Laughs] Besides having the largest library in San Bernardino County, being home to the steel mill where they shot Terminator 2, the vacation destination for Al Capone and the birthplace of the Hell’s Angels, what do you enjoy most being from Fontana?

I didn’t know about the Hell’s Angels, but the Al Capone house is a block away from my house. Otherwise, nothing at all [laughs].

What’s a normal day in Fontana like for you? It sounds pretty weird, since you woke up at 5 a.m. this morning with cottonmouth and sleepwalked to your car to smoke a cig.

I usually just wake up, checking MySpace and AIM and then driving to L.A. I didn’t wake up in Fontana with cottonmouth, though. I stayed in L.A. last night.
You make living in Fontana more bearable by making the trek to LA everyday, then?
Pretty much. If I’m skating, I’m almost always going to L.A.
Now that you’re on Lakai, are you filming any videos, in particular?
No…no one tells me anything. I’m just kind of going with it.
Just skating and filming until something comes together.
Pretty much.
[Laughs] What’s the worst thing about waking up in the morning hungover with cottonmouth?
Aggggh…me, Sam [Smyth] and Oliver [Barton] drank last night, so I was still drunk in the morning, walking to get a cig in the car. I think I broke Feds’ [Lakai TM] doorknob.

I guess he’s gonna have to get used to shit like that, since he’s your TM now.

I guess so, but I hope not.

Happening this Wednesday, Feb. 24th 11:30am-9pm, eat at Mandarin Garden restaurant in Mira Mesa, California and support the building of a skatepark! More details at Willy’s site.

Monday, February 22, 2010



The lonesome Almost am drops off an exclusive video, talks about his meandering journey to the team, the tragedy of living life without farts and why he should have a pro model helmet.
Words by Sean Mortimer
Portrait by Seu Trinh
This was a long way home for you. Didn’t you almost get on Almost years ago?
It kind of sucked. I was on Element—but not really on—and Daewon hit me up and I was taken back. Daewon is the shit! But Tony Tave was over at Element and he’s been my best friend since I was thirteen and I was younger and hadn’t dealt too much with the industry. After Torey [Pudwill] got on Almost, it came up again but I felt like I’d burned my bridges a little bit. Maybe not “burn my bridges”—I had explained to Daewon that Element said they were going to pay me and I wanted to be a loyal dude. Daewon agreed that it could be a good opportunity and to let him know how it turned out. I think I tried to connect with him a few times but it fizzled out. Once Torey got on Almost, it came up again. I’m stoked now. Almost is way more of a family environment.
You were in Almost limbo for a while—why did they wait so long to baptize their only amateur?
You’ve got to be homies with everybody. Everybody has got to be down because they don’t want to have to chill with some wackass dude. You know how that happens—some businessman puts someone on the team and then it’s like, “Go on a trip with this guy—have fun!” The Zumiez [couch tour] trip was the first time I met everybody. I met Rodney [Mullen] then. He’s a mystery in the skateboard world. He’s really quiet and inquisitive. You really feel like he wants to know about you. He asks serious questions.
Luis Cruz at Almost was saying you have some crazy olfactory problems.
In 2004, I hit my head at the old Berrics. I got broke off. I fractured my skull on the little hubba. Out. They had to drive the car inside to get me out. I didn’t know what was happening. I was in the hospital for four days and in my house [recuperating] for a week. I had to take two Vicadin every four hours to stop having headaches. I’ve never taken pills—I’m not into that—and it was weird. It took me two months to regain balance. I’d fallen off my skateboard trying to turn left or right. It was a weird thing to wreck your head like that and have it take awhile for your body to regain its awareness.
Of course you wear protective headgear all the time now, right?
All the time!
Does Berra make you wear a helmet at the Berrics now?
Steve’s cool with me. He heard about it and asked if I was all good.
The end result is that I lost some hearing in my left ear and I get headaches over my left eye and I can’t smell farts.
Farts? You mean you can’t smell strong scents?
I literally cannot smell farts. I can smell everything but for some reason I cannot smell farts. Sometimes I’ll have to stop and sniff and concentrate to smell something. If we drive by an In-N-Out and people say, “You smell those french fries?” I won’t pick up on it right away. And ketchup sometimes taste like bar-b-que sauce to me. Isn’t that weird?

Check all the info for Blueprint’s Make Friends With The Colour Blue tour, and buckle up for the premiere April 4 in London.

Find out What’s Next for Reese Forbes.
Filmed by Lee Dupont, edited by Chris Thiessen.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nate Wessell gives us a glimpse inside of the progress of Woodwards new beijing facility. PART 2
YES Camp Woodward is opening the most progressive and realistic facility in the world. The street plaza is absolutely realistic to the best downtown spots in the world. The Camp is going to feature every sport including video production digital photography graphic arts and even music.
For more photos and info go check:
Cairo Foster and Corey Duffel were the first pros to experience the NEW WOODWARD CAMP in beijing during the winter of 2009 MUSIC: artist: innerference title: city lights web: artist: jammaster A title: one night in beijing

Saturday, February 20, 2010


The whole Natty Kon team is coming to Cali. Lock up your daughters.

Catch the RVCA team this weekend on its continuing 2010 Active Skate Tour.

Check all the info for Blueprint’s Make Friends With The Colour Blue tour, and buckle up for the premiere April 4 in London.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Check out the video from the second stop in Element’s Make It Count International Contest Series, which took place at Modern Skatepark just outside of Detroit, MI. Levi Brown was on hand to award Gage Smith with a trip to the contest finals this summer. Skaters came from as far as New York to compete and the level of skating was incredible! Thanks to everyone at Modern Skate Park and all the skaters who ripped, next stop is Seattle, WA.


Gage Smith of Columbus, OH
Zone 1: 13 & under - Brandon Thomas
Zone 1: 14 & up - Gage Smith
Zone 2: 13 & under-  Ian Ellis
Zone 2: 14 & up- Kyle Decot
Zone 3: 13 & under-  Michael Mollahan
Zone 3: 14 & up-  Kenny Walsh
Next Event:
Seattle, Washington – Feb 20th
All dates can be found here.

DC announces the DC Tonik Drink Up Tour. Josh Kalis, Nick Dompierre, PJ Ladd, Ryan Smith, Lindsey Robertson, Wes Kremer, Matt Miller and Evan Smith will be touring Nor Cal between Feb 27 – March 7. At each stop DC will be giving out product, sign autographs, skating and giving away a limited number of DC’s new shoe – Tonik S. So mark it on your calendars, bring your board and skate with DC Team Riders.

GOODS & Habitat are putting on a demo at the Highland Skate Plaza this Saturday. Here’s some recent footage up on the Bellevue Skatepark Blog.

 Ed’s got yet another amazing art show opening February 26 at the Roberts and Tilton Gallery in Culver City, California. Stop by if you can.
Friday, February 26th, 6-9PM
Ed Templeton
The Seconds Pass
February 26th thru April 3rd, 2010
Roberts and Tilton Gallery
5801 Washington Blvd. Culver City

DC just put up the first installment of Kalis Files on 7zine. Check out Josh in his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan where it all started.

Sid Melvin is now pro for Santa Cruz. Check out his surprise and introducing video right here.

Lee Dupont organized this fantastic photo show for a great cause. Come out and see your favorite photogs cell phone pics, and purchase them to help a fundraiser called Save Shreducation to help keep skateboarding programs in school. Check the flyer for all the info. It’s going down this Thursday, February 18th at The Saloon in Encinitas.

WeSC presents Leisurely Woodsman, an art show by  Clint Peterson this Saturday in L.A. Get there and get some.