Sunday, May 10, 2009


Gonz's colorful behavior is why he's had such a huge influence in skateboarding (and art as well). His appearance on Epicly Later'd with Hosoi was interesting, but it's a pleasure to hear him talk about skateboarding in this interview on Adidas' website , with his eccentricity turned down a little bit. In an interview with Patrick O'Dell on Slap , for example, O'Dell explained filming an interview for Epicly Later'd in which Gonz would not answer questions, but just move his eyes. Then, he asked O'Dell to add subtitles of what he would be saying.

It's a hilarious idea from one of skateboarding's best and a pioneer of style, but when Gonz takes a moment to give tempered and sincere answers to his time in skateboarding, it makes the hairs stand up on your arms. The movement and the weaponry of it, no matter how cheesy it may sound out of context, is what draws out the kid in us when we step on a board. It's cathartic. It's productive.

The interview on the Adidas site reminded me how important that is and made me go on a hunt for all things Gonz. Here are a few:

1) A Hosoi vs. Gonz video from the 80s-era Ohio skate out
2) This Spike Jonze Nissan Commercial with the Gonz in it
3) Gonz and Dill messing about New York Day 1 , 2 and 3 . Weird and funny stuff.
4) Gonz and McCrank doubles
5) Bunny hop gone wrong.
6) Mark Gonzales in a museum in Germany. Weird.
7) Most well known, his parts in Video Days , Nonfiction, Kicked out of Everywhere, Real to Reel, Krooked Gnar Gnar, Krooked Kronichles and Superchampion fun zone (in no particular order).

Hopefully there's nothing too aggressive in there that bums him out.

Stefan Janoski's shoe just dropped and Nike put on an event at the OG B Street Skatepark in Sacramento. First off, Stefan is THE illest. So as you can imagine, a huge crowd of kids and industry folk alike poured into the park on Saturday. Secondly, there was no admission fee to skate. And since it was raining out, it was definitely the place to be. Thirdly, there was a best trick contest on two obstacles so many a Sacto ripper and Bay Area rider came through to roll.

Nike SB
At the event I was unable to locate Stefan to ask for the semi-awkward blog pic that I needed for this text. I think he might have been lying low so I focused on trying to get some pics of the hectic best trick contest. First up was the pyramid, which was a frightening spectacle. Heavy head-on traffic and an extremely large amount of participants of all levels converged. Unfortunately, I was unable to get any quality photos of the pyramid because overall chaos and the dim lighting didn't allow it. So I gleefully watched the skating not thru a viewfinder for a change. Local park employee and Frontline Skateboards amateur, Andrew Dellas, battled thru and did a nollie backside 360 heel over the entire pyramid making him the undisputed winner.

The second best trick contest took place on the newly built bank-to-wall. This obstacle is rad and it invited the more skilled and transitionally adept riders. Long-time Sacramento skater and former pro, Mako Urabe threw out a few tricks including a front boards and a frontside nosegrind indy grab in. Trevor Morgan turned some heads with his variety of tricks along with Deluxe Artist, Alex Turan. In the end industry guru, Nick Matlin of Beer Run Skateboards rifled off a bunch of tricks and sealed the deal by doing a frontside 180 heel tailslide.

During the announcements of the winners free shoes were tossed out into the crowd. The kids were psyched! After the contest much of the crowd headed down to the after party at Upper Playground. There were some classic photos of Stefan on display shot by Jeff Landi. I found Stefan there and he happily posed for a pic standing next to an old photo of him doing a noseslide in SF, which he was juiced on. All in all it was a fun event and I'm sure many a people not just in Sacramento will be rockin' Stefan's new shoe, I mean seriously who doesn't like Stefan Janoski? He's THE illest.


RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, Calif. (May 5, 2009) — The countdown continues. With less than two months to go until the 6th Annual International Go Skateboarding Day (GSD), the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) is encouraging skateboarders and skateboarding enthusiasts to celebrate worldwide. The holiday falls on the first day of summer, Sunday, June 21, 2009.

Go Skateboarding Day, founded by IASC, is recognized internationally by skateboarders, skateboard companies and the industry as a whole as an official holiday. Each year the holiday continues to grow exponentially, by both the number of people who celebrate it and the number of events taking place in its honor around the globe.

"We are thrilled at just how big this holiday has grown around the world," said John Bernards, executive director of IASC and GSD spokesperson. "Skateboarding is slowly, but steadily getting the respect it deserves. We are seeing more towns and cities supporting the healthy, character-building lifestyle through the construction of skateparks, educational programs, events and more. Most recently, California State Senate, President pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg officially recognized June 21, as 'Go Skateboarding Day'."

Continuing the artist series of collectable holiday posters, this year IASC enlisted the help of legendary skateboarder and artist Steve Caballero. "I felt honored and blessed when IASC approached me with the opportunity to lend my support," said Caballero. "My inspiration was to create something with a worldwide message, so that everyone felt included and inspired to celebrate. I want people to understand that to really enjoy the art of skateboarding we must lose all of our insecurities and truly 'skate like nobody's watching.'"

The holiday falls on a weekend once again this year, which means no school, no work, no excuse not to get outside and ride. In response to the current economy, IASC also encourages people to incorporate skateboarding more into their daily lives. Not only is it an efficient and cost saving means of transportation, it's better for your health and will significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

The excitement for GSD is consistently growing worldwide and events are currently being planned to take place in Portugal, Africa, Czech Republic, Italy, France, Netherlands, Japan, England, Australia and Canada as well as hot spots in the United States such as Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, Tampa, Dayton, Dallas and New York City. Last year, millions of skateboarders participated in more than 600 events held worldwide and 800,000 people logged onto Highlights from GSD 2008 included numerous events sponsored by IASC members including: Emerica's "Wild in the Streets", Vans' "Big Riggin 2008", Alien Workshop, DC Shoes and Active Rideshop's GSD Celebration at the Rob Dyrdek/DC Shoes Skate Plaza, and Transworld, Dwindle, and Globe's GSD celebration in Venice, Calif.

Check out how you can get involved or create your own event this year at

About IASC The International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC), a non-profit organization that represents the united voice of the skateboard industry to the outside world, was founded in 1994. With the hiring of current executive director, John Bernards, in 2003, IASC was restructured into the organization that founded Go Skateboarding Day on June 21, 2004. Driven by skate industry leaders, IASC strives to promote skateboarding and increase participation and education of skating. For further information, please visit

About Go Skateboarding Day Go Skateboarding Day, held June 21st of every year, is the official holiday of skateboarding. On GSD, skateboard industry manufacturers and retailers, along with influential and professional riders help to fuel the energy and growth of skateboarding by producing events in different cities across the globe. Event locations are disclosed at local skate shops and on, where you will also find info on how to create your own event, fundraiser or rally, among other things. While the holiday grows, the mission remains the same: Go skateboarding and have fun!

Volcom wants you to vote on their Skate Night Film Battle, a contest between 14 shops allowed 4 hours to film in the Volcom skatepark. Each team's time in the park was edited down to 90 second videos, which Volcom wants you to watch and assess. Go here to vote for your favorite session. You can vote up until June 1st and the winner will get a 30 second commercial on Fuel TV.

Rags to riches, dog...rags to riches. That's how Muska did it. Now the MuskaBeatz pioneer, designer of the Skytop , raddest personalities in skateboarding and Element pro will judge the Make It Count National Contest Series on May 9th at Throggs Neck Skate Park in the Bronx. The Muska will choose one kid from the hood to attend the Element YMCA Skate Camp. The event is part of Element's non-profit venture Elemental Awareness and aims to support the local scene and "encourage confidence and instill the realization in each participant that it is possible to progress in life using personal interests to fuel their future." The events are taking place all over (see above) and, for that one lucky kid on May 9th, it will be an important way to get outside the concrete jungle they may not have the means to escape. If you're in New York on May 9th, check this event out and maybe, just maybe see The Muska.