Friday, March 26, 2010


Rob Dyrdek, founder of Street League Skateboarding, revealed yesterday the launch of the first-ever professional skateboarding league where skaters will compete in a three-stop arena-style skate contest series that will offer up a million dollars worth of prize money, making it the highest paying contest in skateboarding’s history. Twenty four pros, including Chris Cole, Ryan Sheckler, Greg Lutzka, Torey Pudwill, PJ Ladd, Sean Malto, Mike Mo Capaldi, Mikey Taylor, Billy Marks, Tommy Sandoval, and Paul Rodriguez, have signed multi-year contracts and the first of three comps is set to being on August 28th in Arena in Glendale, Arizona.
With cement skate plazas being bulit for each course and with judges using the Instant Scoring Experience, a Dyrdek inspired type of scoring, looks like things will be getting very interesting in the contest world. Read the full press release below.
The world’s best street skateboarders sign to the first million dollar professional tour with three stops in 2010
LOS ANGELES, CA (March 24, 2010) – Street League Skateboarding™ announced today that for the first time in history, street skateboarding competition has been organized into its very own professional league, with the best skateboarders in the world competing head-to-head in a series of individual tour stops in the summer of 2010.  Founded by twenty-year professional skateboarder and entrepreneur, Rob Dyrdek, Street League™ is truly the future of competitive street skateboarding.
Signed to multi-year contracts, a total of twenty-four of the world’s biggest skateboarding stars will compete in Street League™ exclusively.  The first pros that have signed are arguably the top skateboarders in the world and include Chris Cole, Ryan Sheckler, Greg Lutzka, Torey Pudwill, PJ Ladd, Sean Malto, Mike Mo Capaldi, Mikey Taylor, Billy Marks, Tommy Sandoval, and Paul Rodriguez.  The Street League™ pros will be battling it out for more than $1MM in prize money on a 3-stop arena tour this summer.
Dyrdek, in discussing the origins of the league says, “It has been a dream of mine to create a professional tour that bridges the gap between true street skateboarding and contest skating, which to date has been fragmented and misguided.  Street League™ is more than just a new contest series; it will redefine the way skateboarding competitions are done.”
Chris Cole, 2009’s Dew Tour Champion, Maloof Money Cup Winner, two-times X Games gold medalist and Thrasher’s Skater of the Year, in regards to his exclusive commitment to Street League™ adds, “It’s what we have always wanted – it’s a contest circuit that is actually created, owned, and operated by skaters.”
To maximize the talents of these street skateboarding stars, Street League™ has designed authentic concrete skate plazas to be built on the floors of world-class sports arenas.  In addition, Street League™ brings with it the exclusive use of the instant scoring technology, ISX (Instant Scoring Experience™), to the world of skateboarding.   Using real time scoring and an exciting proprietary format, Street League™ will tell a compelling story about each skateboarder’s performance and will have fans on the edge of their seats from the first trick to the very last.
The inaugural year of Street League™ features a 3-stop arena tour beginning at Arena in Glendale, Arizona on August 28th, Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, California on September 11th, and the final stop in Las Vegas at the Thomas & Mack Center on September 25th.  The skaters will be competing at each event for the largest prize pool in skateboarding history.
Street League™ is the culmination of more than five years of development, which began with a professional contest Dyrdek held at the opening of the world’s first skate plaza he built in Kettering, Ohio in 2005.  Building on the knowledge gained from this event, Dyrdek and his team began planning for the launch of the league, consulting for and developing several major skateboarding events to serve as additional case studies.
IMG Action Sports, the go-to event production company in the industry, is producing and executing Street League™ in 2010. The worldwide leader in skate park design and construction, California Skateparks™, will provide skate plaza construction.  Instant Scoring Experience™ is a partnership between MXi, Dialsmith, and Street League™.
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About Street League Skateboarding ™
Street League Skateboarding™ is the first sports entertainment property that gives professional street skateboarding its very own league for individual competition.  Street League™ features the exclusive participation of the world’s best professionals, over $1MM in prize money, and real skate plaza course design inside world-class arenas.  Driven by the need to enhance the experience of live professional street skateboarding, Street League™ utilizes real-time scoring and a proprietary format that makes every trick count. Street League™ is the brainchild of twenty-year professional skateboarder and entrepreneur, Rob Dyrdek.  More information is available at

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Photo: Sean Cronan

Tulio Oliveira
Age: 22
Home: L.A./São Paulo, Brazil
Sponsors: CityStars, Airwalk, Mountain Dew
Year you started skating:2003
Video you can’t wait to see: Street Cinema 2 (Next Citystars VIdeo) and Classic video (Brazil—me and my friends have been filming for 3 years, it’s dropping in 2010).
Newest music you’ve acquired: Dom Kennedy, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane.
Next meal: BBQ.
Last good interview you read: P-Rod, Rodrigo TX.
What makes you laugh: So many things, but Family Guy its pretty good.
What scares the crap outta you: Spicy food!
Daily skate crew: Manny Salazar, Rudy Patino, Carlos Zarazua, Nigel, Dan the man, Herman Jimenez, Andrew Pott, Ytalo Farias, Tiago Lemos, Renato Ratinho, Thomas Teixeira, Kimathi, Dayne Brummet.
Who hooked you up: Dayne Brummet, Paul Rodriguez , Kareem Campbell.
Best thing about your hometown: Friends, food, family.
I have followed skaters all over the world and Tulio had been one of the rawest skaters I’d seen, and we all know that Brazil has brought out some of the most gifted skaters. When I had the chance to meet him and talk with him, I realized he was perfect for Citystars. After speaking with the team and already having him in mind, I knew we had a new team banger for the terror squad. I’m blessed to know him as a friend and as a teammate. Be on the lookout for the Brazilian stallion of the future.—Kareem Campbell

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