Friday, December 5, 2008


So as you all know, Tampa Am will be going down this weekend from December 4th-7th at the infamous Skatepark Of Tampa. They'll be a ton of good sh*t happening including a screeening of Deathbowl To Downtown in Ybor City, a 16 Year SPoT Anniversary Jam featuring the musical stylings of Les Savy Fav, an "Old Man Bowl Jam" and an art show to kick it all off called "99 Bottles of Beer on The Wall."

The the show SPoT went and appointed a long list of skaters, photogs and artists to create their own rendering of a classic beer bottle. All bottles will be offered for sale on the night of and proceeds will go straight to SPoT's own charity, "Boards For Bro's." Some of the featured artists include, Bobby Worrest, Frank Gerwer, Chris Miller, Todd Bratrud, Neil Blender, Eric Koston, Jerry Hsu, Danny Way, Jason Adams, Chris Pastras, Clyde Singleton and many, many more. Take your Vitamin C and Echinacea now cause it's gonna be a beautiful/horrid banger of a weekend.

Concrete Jungle

Organika Gives It Up To The Ams
Organika Skateboards just announced a that they'll be producing a potential stocking stuffer for y'all givers of skateboard love this holiday season. Available this December 12th, Zach & Walker's Concrete Jungle will be hitting Skateshops across the universe for no other reason than to give us some damned good viewing pleasure. This promo of sorts will feature full-parts from Organika Am's Zach Lyons and Walker Ryan, while featuring appearances by Organika pros Adelmo Jr., Karl Watson and Quim Cardona. And with the announcement of this visual documentation of skateboard riding comes the news that Brazil's own, Rodrigo Peterson, is the newest member of the Organika squad. Yep, he'll have a little intro part in this thing as well. Go to your local shop now and demand that a copy be waiting for you come 9AM on the 12th. Sleeping on this one would be straight foolish.

Krux in OZ

Some videos make you amazed by the flashy technology and intricate editing of modern day video equipment. And, others just give you a good feeling. This short little video of the Krux team going to Austrailia is the latter. Watch Strubing, Louie Barletta, Marius Syvanen, Ron Whaley (anyone remember how good this guy was?) and Skater of the Year Silas Baxter-Neal in Oz and imagine you are on an epic roadtrip.

Mike V's Broken Schnoz
Mike V's Anaheim Ducks Blog

Broken Schnoz
Some people may enjoy this sort of event unfolding. So, if you want to read more about it, go to Mike V's blog. Otherwise, you can just look at the photos.

IPath in Ukraine

The Sketchier Barcelona

IPath has a new video skating many of the epic spots left behind by over-the-top Communist architecture. The crew includes Gall with his hefty tech, Kenny Reed with his impeccable style and hats, Adam Alfaro with his magical Cid and Jack Sabback (so underground, dude…so underground). It looks like Ukraine might be the next Barcelona (but, the new "Barcelona" with much more human trafficing, arms dealers and presidential poisonings). Maybe all that sketchy stuff will keep it from blowing up.