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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Here are a handful of photos and sequences from the grand opening of the St. Cloud, Minnesota Skate Plaza November 12 and 13. Marius Syvanen, Kellen James, and Tyler Surrey flew out to rip it up. Watch the video here.
Photos by Blair Alley
Marius stands tall on a backside nosebluntslide.
Marius, backside flip.
Marius makes the big transfer over the middle bank.
Kellen, fakie five-o, half Cab out.
Kellen, Smith grind 180 out.
Tyler Surrey, backside 180 nosegrind come out straight.
Tyler, nollie backside 180 nosegrind.
More photos on page 2

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Plan B is taking off on its United tour October 30 through December 4. Catch them out there.

Paul Rodriguez’ Plan B iTunes video part is just a few weeks away. Here’s the latest teaser. Check out Paul on the cover and in his interview in our December issue hitting newsstands November 9.

Jamie Thomas put some time in while Fallen was filming its Skate & Create piece. Here’s The Chief gettin’ his on the Lose Your Illusion set, unseen footage until now.

Am Slam Event #5 went down on Saturday October 16 at the Mission Valley Skatepark. Full results after the video.

AM SLAM EVENT #5 Results
1. Austin Zito $500
2. Austin Lenahan $300
3. Ray Macken $200
1. Dolan Sterns
2. Patrick Swiggs
3. Alex Marshall
14 - 16
1. Lance George
2. Tanner Lawler
3. Nick Suarez
1. Zach Saraceno
2. Alexis Ramirez
3. Rene Serrano

Check out some of the highlights from all the skating from today at the 2010 Damn Am contest in Costa Mesa. Stay tuned for the finals on Sunday right here on

Game six of round one is coming at you with Ronnie Creager battling Joey Brezinski. Watch to see who will be advancing to the next round of Skate Nerd!
Check out all the all other games of round one here, and stay tuned for the rest of the match ups of round one coming soon.

We just got word that our boy and one of Kansas City’s finest Ryan Pearce has some photos and video featured on the etnies site. Is this the official petition to get him on the team? If so, sign us up!

Today Real released a new Johnny Romano Forever Actions Realized deck. In his short life he united skaters worldwide and his influence on all of us will be remembered forever. The proceeds from his deck will go directly to the Johnnykickscancer organization. For more watch Johnny’s story and learn how you can lend your support in the fight against childhood leukemia. Johnny Romano Skate Jam is coming up, November 6 in Houston, Texas.

Film your best trick while wearing Sid Melvin’s Official Mustache and post it on YouTube. All info here.


Monday, September 27, 2010


On October 30, Empire and Vans are throwing the Empire Backyard Party mini ramp contest at Montreal’s South-Parc Skatepark with $20,000 in prize money up for grabs. Check the flier below or go to the Backyard Party blog for more info.
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éS Skateboarding Welcomes Jimmy McDonald
éS Skateboarding is proud to announce the addition of east coast skater, Jimmy McDonald to the éS Skateboarding team. After shredding up the east coast for the last few years, Jimmy has definitely earned a spot on the éS team. Check out the Jimmy McDonald feature interview on the éS Skateboarding Web site now and learn about Jimmy’s east coast roots and how everything came to fruition with éS.

The last six heats of the Etnies Am Getting Paid contest went off in Montreal with the remaining 40 plus skaters battling it out for a chance to advance to the finals and $10,000. Check out some of the highlights and stay tuned for the finals video right here on
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Vans September Shred contest is going down this Saturday, September 25 at Vans Skateparks in Orange, California and Orlando, Florida. The contest is open to street skaters ages 6 and up, and will have three divisions  (Sponsored, 14 + and 6 - 13).  Cash prizes for 1st place in Sponsored ($500) and 14+ divisions ($300).  Registration is $15 for members and $20 for non-members (both include day pass). Limited spots available for each division.
10am - Registration
1pm - Contest Start
Vans Skatepark
20 City Blvd West
Orange, CA 92868
Vans Skatepark
5220 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819
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The Harold Hunter Foundation, in association with Zoo York, CCS, DVS Shoes, Camp Woodward and Red Bull, is proud to announce the 4th Annual Harold Hunter Day is set for Sunday, October 10th, in New York City.
Established in 2006 after Harold’s untimely passing, and managed by the non-profit Harold Hunter Foundation, HH Day IV will once again unite NYC’s skate community for a positive day of skateboarding and good times in honor of Harold.

Our friend Tim Lay is holding a grand-opening for his new Las Vegas shop called Let It Roll. If you’re in the area for Street League (or just blowing some cash on the slots), be sure to check it out. Hallelujah closer Torey Pudwill will be there signing autographs and rolling around with Chanel from Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. Check the flyer below for the address.
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One year ago today we lost TransWorld SKATEboarding editor, friend, and loved one Eric Stricker. This one is dedicated to him. Featuring: Chris Troy, Ryan Sheckler, Chris Cole, Chad Bartie, Anthony Schultz, Jimmy Cao, Walker Ryan, John Rattray, Shuriken Shannon, and Ryan Gallant.
Filmed by Chris Thiessen and Blair Alley, edited by Chris Thiessen
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The first part of the Maloof Money Cup pro street qualifiers kicked off on Friday evening with the first half of skaters battling it out to advance to the finals Sunday. Torey Pudwill came out leading the pack with Bastien Salabanzi behind him in second.
1. Torey Pudwill
2. Bastien Salabanzi
3. Sean Malto
4. Garrett Hill
5. Billy Marks
Stay tuned for the second half of the pro street qualifiers with the second half of the skaters going at it for their chance to advance to the finals.
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Salt lake city dew tour

Chaz Ortiz qualifies first at the Salt Lake City Dew Tour with Jereme Rogers and Ryan Decenzo falling closely behind in second and third. Here’s the edit from the prelims.

1. Chaz Ortiz, 90.50
2. Jereme Rogers, 88.00
3. Ryan Decenzo, 86.50
4. Andrew Pott, 83.00
5. Carlos de Andrade, 83.00
See More Skate Videos and BMX Videos at Skate Videos and Embed

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Friday, September 10, 2010



Wear Deuce Brand & Enhance Your Life!

Every Deuce Brand watch is packed with negative ion technology which provides multiple health benefits to the wearer. Negative ions are odorless, tasteless, and invisible molecules that that can be found in abundance in certain environments such as mountains, waterfalls, and beaches. Negative ions produce biochemical reactions enhancing the levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression by increasing the flow of oxygen to the brain; resulting in higher alertness, strengthening of the immune system, speeding up post workout recovery times, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy.

By infusing negative ion technology, germanium and tourmaline into every Deuce Brand product, we have created the perfect active lifestyle sports device. At the core of the products design is an energy enhancement powered bracelet, that is waterproof, durable and contains the supreme functionality of your soon to be favorite watch.

BMX legend, Dave Mirra, is seen wearing the “Double Deuce” at his latest event! Dave is the most decorated action Sports athlete in history, and has won more X Games Gold medals than any other competitor! He represents what Deuce Brand is all about! For more information on Dave check out his site.

Chaz Ortiz won the Dew Tour last year! He was born in Chicago, Illinois and is now sponsored by Zoo York. He is competing to win back to back titles in this years Dew Tour. Watch Chaz in action below!




Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The first ever Street league DC Pro tour a wrap, and Nyjah Huston walked away with $150,000. The second Street league event going down September 11th in Ontario, CA.
Street league DC pro tour stop one final results:
1. Nyjah Huston 116 points 82% consistency $150,000
2. Shane O’Neill 114.9 points 79% consistency $80,000
3. Torey Pudwill 112.8 points 82% consistency $25,000
4. Sean Malto 111 points 86% consistency $10,000
5. Chris Cole 109.6 points 79% consistency $7,500
6. Chaz Ortiz 102.2 points 79% consistency $6,000
7. Paul Rodriguez 100.1 points 71% consistency $5,500

Check out the new Independent Trucks Fall 2010 Catalog online now at featuring a video commercial with Greg Lutzka, new Indy Hollow Forged trucks, and the Burnside Replica Ashtray Box.
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Vans Get Out and Do Something Tour kicks off Monday, 8/30 at the Vans store in Virginia Beach, VA with Ray Barbee and John Cardiel. Ray and the Mattson 2 will be performing live, followed by Cards spinning some of his favorite music. Vans will be giving away a Fender guitar, Element and Anti-Hero boards and more at each stop!
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Kellen James new Gold ad has dropped, and here is his G.W.A wheel commercial. KJ is a real muthaphuckkin G!
500x375_vs launched the CrapShoot feature on the team’s 2010 Skate & Create experience. This feature is like taking a trip back to the 90s, without all the hassles of dial-up internet. You can check it out here:
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Watch Geoff’s Extremely Sorry trailer up on the video section. Chaos, carnage, madness and beyond! Geoff keeping the skate vibes high with maximum voltage the whole way!
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SUPERbrand Apparel announced today the addition of Chocolate Skateboards Pro, Chris Roberts to the team. The Malibu native joins Am John Motta as the second member of the skateboarding team for SUPERbrand Apparel, which launched its first Collection in June.
Known for his unique blend of seemingly effortless and technical skating, Roberts’ laid back style makes him a great fit for SUPERbrand Apparel. Among other highlights, his video parts in Transworld SKATEboarding’s 2006 release “A Time to Shine” and Chocolate Skateboard’s “Hot Chocolate Tour” are true testaments to Roberts’ influence on modern skateboarding.
“I’ve known Chris for years and he’s one of my all-time favorite humans,” said Tony Larson, Creative Director for SUPERbrand. “Everything has already been said about how good he is on the wood plank, but you can’t say enough about how great of a person he is. I think the best is yet to come from Chris!”
Look for the Brand to support Roberts with regular web-updates as he films for the upcoming Chocolate video. Fall 2011 will bring further exclusive content and the debut of Roberts’ signature apparel pack.
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Andrew Cannon is doing a Going Pro Back To School tour. He’s doing games of SKATE at select shops across the U.S. See the flier below for dates and locales.
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Catch the Orange County Maloof Money Cup this Saturday on Fox and see for yourself how the Chris Cole Vs. Nyjah Huston finals unfolded.
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Today éS launched the year 2004 on the timeline Web site, Skateboarding Starts With éS. Go and re-live your skateboarding history when Javier Sarmiento joined the éS team, Cale Nuske won the Australian Skate of the year Award and PJ Ladd took home $10,000 for the Second Annual éS Game of SKATE, all along with the launch of Eric Koston’s popular K6 model.
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Chris Cole has one of the best 360 flip noseslides in the game. He stopped by the TransWorld Skatepark to do a few and explain how he executes them.
Filmed by Blair Alley. Edited by Chris Thiessen.
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This week, the Wet Hot American Summer tour makes it’s stop at the Krush skatepark outside Chicago, Illinois. Check out Tommy Sandoval, Jimmy Carlin, Tom Asta, Dane Burman, Chris Cole, Tony Cervantes, and more. Check photos on the Zero site here.
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Thursday, August 19, 2010


Thursday, August 19, 2010


Check out the madness and mayhem at the August 2010 Crossroads tradeshow Best Trick contest. It was separated into three sections: the quarter pipe, the psychedelic hump, and the double set handrail. Donny Barley, Drew Dezort, Anthony Schultz, Jon Goemann, Kechaud Johnson, Sasha Daley, Nick Garcia, David Loy, Garrett Hill, and more tore it up.
Filmed & edited by Austin Ayub

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The Dew Tour rolled through Portland this weekend and P-Rod came out on top with Greg Lutzka and Chaz Ortiz following behind in second and third. Also check out the Best Trick vid where Robert Lopez Mont kickflips his way to victory.
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This week’s episode is Jake Duncombe, Filipe Ortiz, Kevin Romar, Danny Cerezini, and Kieran Reilly skating the 2010 Orange County Maloof Money Cup course. Weiss even gets some. See what the Blind team is up to next at and at Stay up on Blind’s Facebook too!
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Dear Friend from Malaysia

From Malaysia.
Pa'din Musa won the silver medal in the Street Skateboard Qualifying (Best Asian Skater Division) category at the recent Asian X-Games held in Shanghai, China.
Really, he is. For a man who has single-handedly placed Malaysia on the map in the world of extreme sports, the local skateboarding legend is a simple man who still remembers his humble upbringing in a small town in Butterworth, Penang.
He speaks politely and it is apparent that there is not a single diva-bone in that man’s body. The 34-year-old world-famous skateboarder was very gracious during our interview recently at the Vans boutique in Sunway Pyramid, Bandar Sunway, Selangor, and even seemed a little embarrassed over the fuss everyone has made over him.
“I’ve been skateboarding for over 20 years now,” said the petite Pa’din
What he lacks in stature Pa’din definitely makes up for with his deft skills in skateboarding. The numerous medals and trophies he has won in local and international competitions throughout his career are testament to that.
The two-time Asian X-Games gold medalist (in 2000 and 2004) recently added another win to his already long list of victories – he won the silver medal in the Street Skateboard Qualifying (Best Asian Skater Division) category at the recent Asian X-Games held in Shanghai, China.
It was his 11th year of participation in the Asian X-Games.
“The competition was tough and I’m glad that I still managed to get a top-three placing in that category,” said Pa’din in a soft voice. In the overall Street Skateboard Finals (Open Category) Pa’din placed eighth behind skaters from United States, Germany, Brazil and Japan.
Born Mohamad Fadzil Musa, Pa’din as he is more affectionately known, is definitely a positive influence to many youngsters who are keen on extreme sports activities – and even to those who aren’t.
His rags-to-riches tale definitely serves as an inspiration to youths, proving to them that one doesn’t have to be born wealthy to be successful in life. Besides being a professional skater for over two decades, Pa’din is also an established skatepark designer and brand ambassador.
Back in the late 1980s, Pa’din was just another boy from a low-income family in Butterworth when his brother introduced him to the world of extreme sports.
“It was he who first started skateboarding. Only after I saw him doing it did I find the interest to try it myself,” said the third of seven siblings.
He tried his hand at skateboarding at age 13, and has been hooked on it since.
Although his parents initially were wary of their kid’s interest in the extreme sport, they eventually understood that it was what he liked and wanted to pursue professionally. (As a token of appreciation, Pa’din bought plane tickets for his family to visit Sarawak after he got his first big cheque in 2001.)
Pa'din has been skateboarding for more than two decades now, winning many local and international competitions.
When he first started out, Pa’din befriended teenage students of a nearby international school (most of whom were American) who were into skateboarding, inline skating and BMX riding. It was those older schoolboys who really helped cement Pa’din’s interest in the extreme sport.
“They would show us some tricks and even let us watch video tapes of skateboarding that they brought from their hometowns. Then we would get together to re-create whichever tricks that we could with limited skills and equipment,” said Pa’din who is the only person in his immediate family to skate professionally.
The schoolboys also helped Pa’din and his friends get skateboarding gear selling them their used stuff like shoes, skateboards and more.
“It was difficult getting the equipment back then. They didn’t have any extreme sports stores in Penang and we had to go to Kuala Lumpur if we needed anything. But the American boys were nice enough to sell us their stuff for cheap and sometimes even gave things away for free,” said Pa’din who became good buddies with the foreigners.
The skater, who wasn’t fluent in English when he was younger, now speaks the language almost perfectly, and credits skateboarding as the reason behind the improvement.
“I wasn’t very well versed in English as a kid, but the more videos I watched, the more people I met and the more tournaments I participated in, my grasp of the language just got better over the years,” he said.
Pa’din started to compete in local skateboarding competitions at age 18 and his long list of accomplishments is definitely something that could make other skaters go green with envy. And although he concentrated on creating a name for himself in the skating community, he didn’t neglect his studies altogether. The skater went on to receive a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from the Port Dickson Polytechnic in Negri Sembilan.
These days, when he is not competing, Pa’din and his friends go “skate travelling” where they visit countries just to try out the skateparks there and meet new skaters. He likes to watch up-and-coming skaters do their tricks as he believes that this new generation of extreme sports athletes have something fresh to offer to the community.
“Honestly, it’s hard to come up with a brand new trick in skateboarding as I believe that there aren’t any left. What the rest of us skateboarders do is create variations of such tricks to keep the sport current and also challenge our competitors,” said Pa’din.
He skates for at least three hours a day, even when he is not competing, just to brush up on his skills and work on variations that he has yet to master. It was with lot of hardwork he said that he managed to “land” a trick he had struggled with for years.
“I’ve tried to do a ‘backside nose blunt side’ trick for almost four years and only managed to land it perfectly last year. Once.”
Besides working on landing difficult tricks, Pa’din is also working on making skateboarding more accessible for youths across Malay-sia. He currently runs the skating school at in Putrajaya and hopes that the Government would take notice in providing adequate assistance to youngsters who are interested in pursuing careers in extreme sports.
“There is no point in having so many skateparks in the country if the youths cannot learn anything new or work on their skills there. We should provide them with lessons to sharpen their skillset and open new skateboarding opportunities for them,” said Pa’din.
He also advised youngsters who want to take up skating, or other extreme sport, professionally to understand that it requires a lot of time and dedication. It is different from doing it as just a hobby.
“Professional skateboarding requires a lot of hardwork and you must be willing to do it for a long time before tasting success. This is not a way to gain instant fame and money but if that’s what they’re after, baik join Akademi Fantasia.”

The skating school is located at the Putrajaya Challenge Park, Jalan P5, Presint 5, Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya (017-661 7105).

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Tons of new stocks just DROPPED  in the house and great post National day sales just kick off 2day, check it out while stocks last.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Maloof Money Cup Orange County


Andy Mac

Sandro Dias

Alex Perelson.

Pedro indy 540.



Chris Pfanner back flip.

Hoffart – lipslide to switch crooks.

Johnny Layton – wallride

Adam Dyet  540

David Loy

Alex Olson 与 Tony T.

Loy to tail.

Crooked cop.




Elissa Steamer

Alexis Kickflip.

Kickflip 50 the hubba.


Austyn  - Ollie

Ollie up, kickflip in.

City Stars, Kechaud 和老板 Kareem.

  – kf nosegrind.

360 ollie.

Ryan Decenzo – Kickflip backside noseblunt.

Tommy on the jumbo.


Garrett Hill – pop shove 5-0.


:Cole vs Nyjah vs Pudwill vs Malto

Kickflip nosegrind

Lil’ Jon.

‘No way, is that a white VX?’