Sunday, December 14, 2008


(Huntington Beach, CA), December 11, 2008— In the loudest and most outrageous fashion, Quiksilver skateboarder Tony Hawk along with 20 of the most iconic vert skateboarders of all-time rolled into Quiksilver Headquarters Saturday, December 6, for a single-day skate challenge presented by Quiksilver and The "All '80s All Day Vert Challenge" was Tony's first competition in more than eight years. filmed the entire event and, starting today, will be issuing new daily clips over the next week. All video can all be embedded into blogs, social networking pages and other online sites.

"Quiksilver has been sponsoring skaters, throwing cool parties and putting on contests since I was a kid. Our skate team today spans from legends like Tony, Christian and Omar as well as growing young talent like Alex Olsen and Danny Garcia," said Reese Forbes, Quiksilver Skate Program Manager. "The All '80s All Day event blended the old and the new and brought it back to what we are all about, remembering a cool era, hanging with friends and going after the prize."

Dressed head-to-toe in neon brights and rockin' '80s skate setups, the 21 skate legends threw down on a monstrous '80s-inspired Vert Ramp built by bowlmaster and competitor Eddie Reatequi. Skaters competed in three challenges including the Vert Challenge, Big Air Contest and the Signature Trick Jam Session.

Cash prizes were awarded to first through 11th place in the Vert Challenge; first place receiving $1980 cash and a custom Gibson Epiphone guitar. Gibson threw in two other exclusive Epiphones for the Big Air winner and the Overall Best '80s winner.

As a muse for all skaters in attendance, the competitors stepped out in pure '80s inspired style, sporting '80s tees, flip hats, wigs and boards. With fresh highlights and a wave-like hairdo, Tony Hawk rocked the original shirt he wore back in the classic skate film "The Search for Animal Chin." Christian Hosoi donned a pair of his infamous spandex shorts and a signature cut-off tee along with jet black long-hair extensions while Andy Macdonald went for the cool comb-over, sporting a hot pink shirt and dropped down suspenders. The crew clearly showed how they led the way for the industry fashion that followed.

On the equipment front, all skaters were required to ride on original equipment. Tony showed up with a pink noseless board that he rode in the '80s. Many of the other skaters came with their own signature boards that have since become collectible museum pieces.

"We gotta ride the real deal here," he said. Skating the real deal landed Tony first place prize of $1980 and the Gibson guitar (Tony forfeited his cash prize and gave $200 each to the other skaters who did not place).

Quiksilver and would like to thank event sponsors, Gibson, for the rad '80s Epiphone guitar trophies, Antics powered by Toyota Matrix for the on-site entertainment, Wahoos and Jones Soda for the food and drinks.

Vert Challenge
1st Tony Hawk
2nd Andy Macdonald
3rd Bucky Lasek
4th Kevin Staab
5th Jeff Grosso
6th Christian Hosoi
7th Steve Caballero
8th Eric Nash
9th Eddie Reategui
10th Henry Gutierrez

Overall Best '80s - Christian Hosoi
Big Air Contest - Bucky Lasek
Gnarliest Skater - Jeff Grosso
Dagger Award - Eddie Reategui
Dead Last Award - Adrian Demain

Signature Trick Jam Session
Hawk Award (biggest/best 540) -Henry Gutierrez Hosoi Award (biggest/best Christ Air) - Bucky Lasek Micke Alba Award (best judo air) - Adrian Demain Lester Kasai Award (best Beni-hana) - Tony Hawk Ray Underhill Award (best Pop Tart) - Cara Beth Burnside Mike Smith Award (best Smith Grind) - Christian Hosoi Craig Johnson Award (scariest skater) - Ben Schroeder