Sunday, January 25, 2009


Jamie Thomas Talks Trade Show

Deathwish's Lizard in the Zero TF: Proof of the kind of collaboration the Crossroads Retail Event hopes to achieve.
In his characteristic fashion, Jamie Thomas has stepped up to hold an event that he hopes can better meet the needs of the skateboarding community. As ASR has grown less and less relevant to the world of skateboarding (some say it has never been relevant), major companies have become disenfranchised. Now, The Chief hopes to change things and hold a skate retail show on the Blackbox Premises, with the most vital companies in skateboarding in attendence. The event hopes to bring skate companies and only skate companies in to guide the industry's direction in these tough times and provide some entertainment in the form of a best trick contest and friends. Here are a few questions I asked him about the event.

What was the genesis that led to holding the Crossroads Retail event at Blackbox?
Well it actually came about pretty naturally; there seems to be fewer and fewer skate brands attending ASR, and we've held open houses for the past few years, so we felt we could facilitate the need for a skate specific show. Our goal is give everyone a place to get together in hopes to create excitement for retailers…and at the very least provide food, good times and skateboarding.

Are most companies participating or have some still chosen to go to the ASR show in downtown San Diego?
Almost every relevant skate brand is attending and some of the brands are at ASR as well.

The Chief lays into a feeble and talks some business.
On the flyer for the event you're qouted as saying, "Our industry is at a crossroads and it's time for us to take action to keep it thriving". What did ASR lack for the skate community? What do you hope to achieve with the Crossroads event?
ASR just caters to the surf community first. Understandably so, it's a bigger industry. The main points are that the timing and environment of the ASR aren't that conducive for the skate industry.

On a less serious note: the trade shows you have had the last two years have included a best trick contest open to skaters trying to get noticed. They've been a mix between a cring-enducing huckfest and a demo of raw talent. Is there a harshest, most memorable slam that you can recall? Are there any relative unknowns that impressed you?

Yeah, a few dudes got taken out at the last open house. A few times people bailed and landed on someone else's board. That's always a harsh scene.
Is the dunk tank gonna come out again this year?
Nah, I think we're gonna skip this one, maybe next time.
The show will be held on January 21st and is open to the public from 6 to 10 pm. To find out more about the event, check the flyer above and catch up at